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go to the store and get a new plug for your year of car cut the wires hook them up to the same color tape or shrink wrap exposed wire plug into alternator good to go

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Q: How would one change a melted wiring plug that goes on the alternator?
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Why would my truck not start with aNew starter battery alternator?

check the wiring change the starter relay and clean ignition switch with electicial cleaner.

How do you wire a 93 dodge 5.9 cummins alternator into a 78 ford?

The alternator on a 1993 Dodge is regulated by the engine computer. You would have to find an aftermarket regulator and follow it's wiring schematic.The alternator on a 1993 Dodge is regulated by the engine computer. You would have to find an aftermarket regulator and follow it's wiring schematic.

All gauges erratic and voltage to battery is 19 volts computer and alternator has been replaced what causing?

All that would be left would be a short in the wiring to the alternator.

What would make the battery light turn on if it is not the alternator?

Defective battery, loose or corroded wiring.

How can you find a wiring diagram for an alternator on a 1989 ford mercury?

i would check eBay or at salvage yards

Why would your battery light stay on after you have put in a new battery and alternator?

The battery light comes on when the alternator output voltage is too low or too high. You have a wiring or regulator problem.The battery light comes on when the alternator output voltage is too low or too high. You have a wiring or regulator problem.

What would cause the battery to drain when the lights are on in a 2002 KIA when the alternator is good and battery is good?

A short in the wiring.

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You own a John Deere LT 150 and the wiring harness shorted out you replaced the whole harness but the tractor would not start so then you installed a new starter solenoid and still no luck?

: Hello, I assume from your question that your fusible link melted? I work on John Deere lawn and garden equipment for a living. I need more information as to when this happened to answer your question (i.e. you were mowing and it stopped, etc..). You said that you replaced the main wiring harness and solenoid and it still won't start. If your fusible link melted the main wiring harness does not include the headlight wiring harness and alternator (or stator) which could melt this as well if shorted. Joe

How do you change the alternator brushes on a 1994 Chevrolet Camaro 3.4L?

It would be best to remove the alternator and take it to an electrical shop.

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Why would the battery in your 1992 Thunderbird not be charging?

If the battey is dead it won't charge. But it sounds like the alternator is bad. If you're sure tha battery is good then it has to be alternator, wiring, connectors or switch.

Why is Battery discharging mustang 1971?

First have the battery checked, then perform a test where you observe a volt meter while you disconnect different systems in the vehicle, when you have stopped the drain you have found what is draining the battery. I would look first to the wiring harness where the alternator wires merge into it, i had a problem with mine and some melted insulation causing massive problems with the electronics. the alternator is always a good place to look.

Why would a 1995 Chrysler concord not crank although the battery and alternator are in good condition?

Starter? Wiring? Neutral safety switch?

Why does your 1998 Chevy Suburban keep burning alternators?

I would recommend to check for a short on the wiring to the alternator. Check the fuse box.

How often would you change an alternator for a 2003 Ford Expedition?

You should only change it, when it goes bad.

Does a candle lose its mass when melted down?

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What is wrong if the engine would jump start but other controls on the dashboard did not work and the engine died after removing the jumper cable?

Battery is completely discharged or is defective. loose alternator wiring or bad alternator.

Would a bad alternator make the wipers not work on 1995 altima Nissan?

no if your battery light is on and the brake light on then your alternator need to be change

Why would the battery light stay on after battery replacement on 2004 ford ranger edge?

It might have something to do with the alternator.......... or maybe there is a short in the wiring

Why would a good alternator not charge a battery?

If the alternator is good and the battery does not charge, then the battery may be bad. There could be problem with the electronics. You will need to take it to a place where they sell batteries. They have equipment to check out the battery and the wiring.

How much would it cost parts and labor to change an alternator and water pump on a 1996 Nissan altima?

i paid 218 including alternator and labr. 159 for alternator and 45$ labor+ tax.

What would cause no output from an alternator on an 88 monty Carlo besides the alternator itself?

The positive cable between the alternator and the battery has an open circuit or break. There also is a set of wires that plug into the alternator that turns it on when the car is running. Wiring problems here can cause a alternator not to charge on the vehicle but works fine on a test stand. Some cars the alternator light in the dash causes the alternator to kick in when the engine is started. A burned out light in the dash causes the alternator not to charge.

How do you wire an alternator on a 1980 Trans Am?

there should be an alternator "plug" which consists of 2 wires that go to a plastic plug that snaps into the alternator. the wire lead should be a part of the engine wire harness located on drivers side firewall about 1 1/2 feet below wiper deck. the alternator itself has a screw off back side that can be removed for internal wiring issues related solely to the alternator itself. i would buy a manual from your local auto parts store (or order it in) for the 80 TA it should have a diagram for the alternator wiring with an exploded view.

Why would a distributor stop working After breaking a alternator belt?

Knowing the year, make and model vehicle you have would help but, if it has a crankshaft sensor maybe the sensor or the sensor wiring got damaged.