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In most states, there is a provision for 'emancipating' a minor- that is, to let them live on their own, away from parents and support themselves. There is paperwork involved and a court judge has to allow it, but it can be done. 'Problems' can mean a lot of things. If the minor is in a family situation that is bad or dangerous for them, they can go to the local police or DSS and they will take care of it. Sometimes the minor can wind up in a foster home. If the right people- DSS, the judge- decide she can take care of herself and would be better off away from the parents, she will be 'emancipated'.

Just an add-on: No matter what, finish High School. If you can't and you think you can pass it, take a GED ( High School equivelancy ) test, so you can at least get a job. Most employers want proof that you're a High School graduate (or a GED). DSS should also have some way to get you into GED prep classes, so you stand a better chance of passing the test. Go for it!

High school may seem tough but just think of it this way, you have already completed approximately 9 years of school, if you drop out now, then everyday that you went to school would have been benificial at the time but what good will they do you now, except at McDonalds?


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