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How would the Nile River compare with the Amazon River?

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Nile River - Countries - Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Rwanda,

Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo,

Eritrea and Kenya. Primary source White Nile Secondary source Blue

Nile Source confluence near Khartoum. Flows into the Mediterranean

Sea. Length - 4,132 miles. Basin - ,312,747 sq miles. Discharge -

average 2,830 m³/s (99,941 cu ft/s) Amazon River - Countries -

Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Guyana.

Tributaries - Marañón, Japurá, Rio Negro, Ucayali, Purus, Madeira,

Tapajós, Xingu and Tocantins. Source - Apacheta cliff, Nevado

Mismi, Arequipa, Peru. Flows into Atlantic Ocean. Length - 4,000

miles. Basin - 2,720,000 sq miles. Discharge - average 219,000 m³/s

(7,734,000 cu ft/s)

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