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The behavior (rise or fall) of the inflation rate directly affects consumer spending, and indirectly the hotel and restaurant industry.

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How will inflation affect hospitality industry in Nigeria?

how does inflation affect hospitality in nigeria industry

Why do distances among islands affect the trading industry Philippines?

distances among islands affect the trading industry in the Philippines?

How does inflation affect the airline industry?

Inflation affects the airline industry in a negative ways The increase in the prices does not help the business as the purchasing value of money is usually decreased which causes huge losses to the industry.

How will weather affect the inflation of giant balloons?

how will the weather affect the inflation of the ballooons

How does inflation affect investment?

how inflation affects investment

How does the handicraft industry affect the livelihood of the Filipinos?

The handicraft industry has a very positive affect on the livelihood of Filipinos. The Philippines is the second largest producer of handicrafts in the world, and it provides the livelihood for 1 million Filipinos.

What does Incorrect tire inflation affect?

Effect of inflation at unemployed people

How do you use inflation in a sentence?

Inflation of prices can negatively affect an economy.

How do interest rates and inflation affect real estate in south Africa?

explain how do intrest rates and inflation affect the real estate

Was the ATM the answer to inflation?

No. The ATM does not in any way affect or answer inflation. It is just a machine through with customers can do banking transactions without visiting their bank. It does not cause or affect inflation. Only the country's central bank can control inflation by changing regulatory policies.

How did inflation affect the roman empire?

inflation happens when money loses its value and it affected the roman empire.

How do chemicals affect the inflation of a balloon?

Inflation of a balloon is NOT a chemical reaction, so there are no chemicals involved in 'affecting' it.

What is the effect of terrorism in tourism industry of the Philippines?

well, one of the negative impact of terrorism in the tourism industry is the decline in the arrival of international tourists thus it severely affect the economy of the country.N o matter how beautiful a country is , tourists will not come in the Philippines because of their fear of the lunatic terrorists.

How does increased stock prices affect the nation?


How did inflation affect the cost of goods on the colonies?

they were cheaper

How does interest rates affect inflation?

if an interest rate is high, it is likely that inflation is also high. Generally, one doesn't affect the other so much as measure the other.

Does inflation affect exchange rates?

Different countries have different rates of inflation, which are an important factor in determining exchange rates.

What are the wind systems that affect Philippines?

The natural and physical factors are the wind systems that affect the Philippines. Mountains and tall buildings affect the wind systems.

How does inflation affect the domestic economy regarding purchasing power?

As the inflation increases, the purchasing power of the money with the people in an economy decreases.

How does fiscal policy affect the amount of money in circulation?

When inflation increase

How does inflation affect interest rates?

interest rates go up

Does cold weather affect maximum balloon inflation size?


How does inflation affect profit?

The higher the inflation, the lower the profit and vice versa, it's applicable for every stock market around the world

What are the competitive forces that affect the motorcycle industry?

Competitive forces that affect the motorcycle industry include state regulations and the car industry. Insurance company policies also affect whether someone will purchase a motorcycle.

What economic factors affect McDonald's?

Economic recession Mergers Income Inflation