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study in more depth, become more aware of events around you

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Q: How would you answer 'How have you developed your abilities to improve yourself'?
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What do you like most about yourself and What would you like to improve about yourself?

I like that I am a survivor of many abuses, and wish to improve my response to grievances and enemies I love the fact that I'm kind, caring and smart, if I could I would improve my athletic ablities

How do you answer 'What would you like to improve about yourself' in a job interview?

Nothing, I am perfect

What should you write for strength and weakness in sales?

Saying what skills and abilities the person has in regards to sales would be helpful. When stating weaknesses it would be good to state how the person is working to improve them.

2 What would you do to develop yourself professionally and personally?

i will like to develop my self academically and information wise to boost my carrer and boost individual abilities

How can India become a developed country?

Maybe if you would get off the computer get a life and figure it out yourself you could find the answer!remove the correption.india will automatically become a developed country

What are innovative abilities?

Innovative abilities would be the ability to innovate. "The first person ever" to do something has innovative abilities.

How do you answer the Job Interview question Would you tell me what are your main goals in life?

Be honest, focus on work related abilities and never forget to maintain that i try my best to improve everyday.

Describe yourself as a professional?

It is important to include the skills and abilities that the person has which will pertain to the job they are applying for when answering this. Also describing what their work ethic is would be helpful.

How do you answer 'What would you most like to improve about yourself' in a job interview?

The best way to answer a question asking where improvement is needed, would be with honesty. Most employers prefer an honest person who admits the shortcomings, acknowledgment would show the willingness to improve on them.

What would be an example of extrinsic feedback in sport?

feedback from a coach, time, video etc. For example, swimming. Timed sessions and the differences between the two. Feed back from your coach - what you did well and what you need to improve on. Seeing yourself on video gives you a chance to see what you have to improve yourself and analyse it to see what you need to improve on. Sweet(: TJM

Does Rage and hate does it improve your valtudo and capoeira?

Yes, it does improve your valtudo and capoeira because it is a very strong feeling that shouldn't be felt too often. I would believe it would not make it better. It destroys the concentration and saps the energy necessary to be an effective martial artist. Calm and centered improves one's abilities.

What does the insult go read a book means?

Taken to mean you are illiterate and to "go read a book" would probably improve yourself.

What steps can taken to improve leadership?

This is actually an easy question, the answer is Listen to your people and make a decision based on the group answer. Most the times this works. If you are by yourself, than ask yourself what do you think would benefit your customer. Take yourself out of your shoes.

Is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?

People may want to improve their face or lose weight. People may choose to alter their body by getting surgery to enhance their breasts or reduce fat in their body.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels developed a theory that economic conditions would significantly improve for the working class only when?

workers controlled the means of production.

What would improve your hometown changes?

I would improve the public transportation system

To improve effectiveness in your job what changes would be necessary?

To improve effectiveness in your job, what changes would be necessary? To improve effectiveness in your job, what changes would be necessary?

How would you improve a pencil?

I would improve a pencil by using less wood and lead.

Opportunity to improve something at work?

Most recommendation letters are written by a former employee or professor to showcase how the person has done well at that job or at school and would, therefor do well in this position. It would be good to include skills and abilities and how they will help the person excel at the job.

Who would spend time on a website like Wikianswers?

Pretty much anyone would take the time to improve WikiAnswers, such as yourself, because merely asking a question is spending time to improve WikiAnswers. Everyone you see on WikiAnswers spends their time improving WikiAnswers - otherwise they wouldn't be here.

What skills and abilities would you include in a chronological resume?

Skills and abilities are not normally given their own section on a chronological resume. Instead, this information is built into your education and work experience in describing your job experience or education details. It is typical to include special achievements, your work responsibilities, and skills that you developed or gained through your time with that employer.

Which kind of society would be the best for an individual. Hunter-gatherer agricultural or industrial?

An individual would benefit from an industrial society, since they don't have others to help them plant crops or hunt. They would be able to acquire resources by themselves using whatever skills and abilities they developed.

Which way you improve retail stores?

What would you be improve about retail store?

Can you do me a favor?

If it is within the scope of my abilities, it would be my pleasure to do you a favor.

Who would win in a fight Dr Doom or Superman?

Dr. Doom has magical abilities and magical abilities happen to be a weakness of Doom would win probably