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They may be looking for you to answer this on the lines of how you handled situations. Do you consider yourself to be a leader or mentor of others? Are you a team leader or player? Can you keep others motivated to complete a common goal. Hope this helps

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Q: How would you answer 'How you have taken responsibility to communicate an important message'?
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How did the Inca communicate over long distance?

they had messengers walk to the destination. this could have taken up to 100 messengers to get one message delivered

What the message is about in the movie Taken?

The message is regarding sex slavery.

Why was the Transatlantic Cable important?

The Transatlantic Cable was important because it reduced the time taken to communicate across the Atlantic exponentially. The success of the cable is also said to have inspired the rise of the Internet.

Short story on advice not taken?

it is our responsibility

What is the message of the poem the road not taken?

The message of the poem. 'the road not taken' is that: In life there are many situations. when we have to choose between what is wrong and what is right and in this situation we should think from our mind as well as heart.

What does it mean to dream that you adopt a child?

It means that you have taken on a responsibility that was not originally your own.

What is grantor?

what is the responsibility of a grantor, putting up security example car if the person that has taken out the loan has not paid the loan off in full what is the responsibility of a guarantor

Who has the responsibility for applying composite risk management when making off-duty risk decisions?

Soldier himself/herself. It is important to apply this. It will ensure that everything is taken care of even if no one is on duty.

How is effective communication related to health?

Effective communication is very important in relation to health. The patient or caregiver must be able to communicate effectively to relay health concerns, medical history, and medications that are being taken.

What steps can be taken to ensure you convey the purpose of your message to the audience?

Be confident and specific. Also, make sure to emphasize the point of the message you are trying to convey.

Do cell phones teach responsibility?

Yes, children of all ages can feel safe when playing outside or just walking home from school. Also, children might be worried that they might get their phone taken away if their grades slip down. Most kids like to talk or just communicate with their friends even if their not with them. Whatever the age kids everywhere across the world are learning responsibility, safety, and socail use.

Enumerate the important prepatory actions to be taken by a vessels navigator?

Enumerate the important preparatory action to be taken by a vessels navigator?

What is the main message of The Raven?

The main message of the poem, 'The Raven' is that you can never go into your past. Words are said that cannot be taken back. Actions can never be reversed.

How did Squealer justify Napoleon's take-over to the others?

He said that Napoleon had taken on extra responsibility

How did squealer justify napoleon take-over to the others?

He said that Napoleon had taken on extra responsibility

How do people know Osama bin Laden was a terrorist?

One way would be that Bin Laden himself (and his group) have publicly taken responsibility for the 9/11 attacks on the US and have publically taken responsibility for dozens of other terrorist attacks committed against other countries.

How did Squealer justify Napoleon's take over to the others in animal farm?

He said that Napoleon had taken on extra responsibility

Why is Eric Birling the Most important character in An Inspector Calls?

He is an important character as one of J.B Priestley's themes was RESPONSIBILITY and he showed this all throughout the play as he seemed awkward and embarrassed he was also a hardened drinker. He is a thief and he later feels the guilt of this when he realises he contributed in encouraging Eva Smith's death and that he was the father of her unborn child. By the end of the play Eric had taken responsibility for his actions along side Sheila. this signifies hope as Sheila and Eric are the younger generation in the play so this shows that we can use our talents to help have responsibility on others.

Why it is important to observe that an individual has taken the medication?

It is important because the individual can dispose of the medication

When an AED gives a no shock indicated message what should be the next step taken?

Resume CPR as normal if needed.

Why was India important to the British empire?

Slaves were taken from there

Why HRM is important in an organization?

HRM is more important in an organization because the primary role of human resource management is to listen to the suggestions made by the employees and to understand their views. At the same time the company cannot take all the responsibility of taking care of the employees they cant always keep an eye on them, so if an HR is present he can watch the activities of the laborers keep an eye and record them. Even the responsibility of allocating salary, recording leave, will be taken care by the HR.

If another man adopts your children do you still have to pay child support?

No, because if they are adopted he has taken on full responsibility however if he is only living with or has only married your x then the children remain within the accepted realm of your responsibility.

Is it legal for the landlord to give your cosigner a key?

Yes. The co-signer should be able to inspect the premises she/he has taken financial responsibility for.

Why are dogs a big responsibility?

They need to be looked after, taken for walks, food is to be bought for them , they have vet bills , The possibility of having puppies ECT.