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How would you approach your instructor to receive more information about the assignment?


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October 20, 2009 8:43AM

This is obviously some sort of assignment because there are 10-20 versions of the exact question - WikiAnswers will not do your homework for you.

Before following the steps below, ask yourself, do you already know the answer? Has adequate information about the assignment been given in the syllabus and handouts? They say there are no stupid questions, but that's not really true. Before contacting your instructor, read through everything he/she has given you. Look through all of your class notes. If you are still unsure about the assignment, formulate a specific question about something that is missing from the assignment information. For example, if the due date is NOT listed in the syllabus or assignment information, then ask when the due date is. It is difficult to answer questions like "I'm lost, can you help me?" Be specific, make sure you are only asking something that hasn't already been answered, and share the answer with your fellow students.

If you cannot approach them after class, then the most efficient way to get time with them to make an appointment with them during their office hours. Most will be glad to help you understand the assignment--they do want you to do well. Write down what the instructor says so that you will be able to have the information when you need it.

This seems like an odd question. Walk up to them when they are not busy and ask for help.


"dude can you please help, i really dont understand"