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You must first find out if the fixture is safe with a 100w bulb. Makers of lighting fixtures usually specify the maximum wattage of a fixture. (See writing which is usually printed on a label, or on the fixture itself, near where the bulb is inserted.) If the fixture is rated for 60w, to be safe you need a new fixture installed that is rated 100w because the 60w fixture is very likely to overheat if you put in a conventional 100w incandescent bulb. Another solution: you could use one of the latest types of Compact Fluorescent Lamp. They use only about 1/5 (a fifth) of the power taken by an incandescent lamp. So you could have the equivalent of 100 watts of light and it would only cost you 20 watts worth of electricity! Also, a CFL should last much longer than an incandescent lamp. Five years' life is not at all unusual, compared to one year or so for an incandescent. One problem might be if you cannot find a CFL that will easily fit your present fixture. In that case why not change the fixture? Its cost might even be more than covered by the savings in electricity you might make using a CFL for the next five years and onwards, especially if you can install the new fixture yourself. Having said all that, the actual money savings you might make using a CFL will depend on the amount of time the lamp is likely to be used each day. However, now that the prices of CFLs are rapidly coming down because of the increased public demand for them - so more manufacturers are making them - the actual average daily usage time needed to save money using a CFL is becoming less and less nowadays... As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized




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Q: How would you change from a 60 watts bulb in a bathroom fixture to 100 watt bulb and is it an expensive job?
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How many watts for A 150 watt hps lighting fixture?

About 150 watts.

How do you determine what watt bulb to use in a 4 light bathroom fixture?

Unless it's in a palace, a bathroom probably won't need more than 240 watts in total, if they are incandescent bulbs, or 40-60 watts for CFL bulbs. Try four 15 w spiral CFLs. My bathroom is a small one with a 70 w halogen bulb.

Can you use a 120 watt bulb to replace a 65 watt bulb?

Look at the wattage capacity of the fixture. Some fixtures are limited to 65 watts, some can take much more. If you use a larger bulb than what the fixture was designed for you create a fire risk. If you need to use a larger bulb but the fixture is limited to 65 watts, you need to change the fixture.

How many watts does a 400 watt high pressure sodium light fixture use?

400 Watts.

How much power does a fluorescent fixture use with no tubes installed For example a switched on 8' fixture with a single tube with an old ballast.?

Depends if ballast is in fixture and switch is on. Several watts if new ballast and perhaps 15 watts for old ballasts....

How do you find out the watts in a fixture?

The formula you are looking for is W = I x E. Watts = Amps x Volts. If you can find the two values on the fixture's label then use the formula to find the wattage of the fixture.

What happens if a 100 watt light bulb is installed in a fixture that is only rated for a 75 watts?

If a fixture is only rated for 75 watts and you install a 100 watt light bulb in it, you have exceeded the rating of the fixture. The fixture could overheat and catch fire. Do not do this! electrical equipment have been tested to see what they can safely handle.

Can you use a 100 watt bulb in a bathroom fixture designed for a 60 watt bulb?

NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! The current draw from a 100W light greatly exceeds the design limits built into the 60W fixture. The end result would be a fire. You can use florescent light bulbs to get more light with less amperage. You get 100 watts equivalent lighting for 23 watts and will not create a fire hazard.

What is the wattage of a light fixture with 3 60 watt bulbs?

180 watts

Is it safe to use a bulb with less watts then the fixture recommeneds?

The fixture recommended wattage is a maximum limit. Using a smaller wattage bulb is fine.

How can you tell what watt bulb to use in a fixture?

Its usually marked on the fixture itself. Edison base in an open porcelain fixture can be 300 watts mogol base in an open porcelain fixture can be 600 watts if its a recessed ceiling fixture perhaps 75 watts if there is proper clearance read the instructions very carefully if there is fiberglass insulation over a ceiling fixture it turns into an oven or a furnace depending on how the venting is achieved. small articulated hi intensity desk lamps usually have spacers so they can't come close enough to paper to set it on fire. fixtures have a specification of minimum clearance to combustibles. <><><> In the US most common fixtures for a residence are rated at 60 watts. Use this as a 'rule of thumb' unless you find labeling to the contrary.

How many watts does your bathroom ventilation fan use?

How many watts a bathroom exhaust fan uses will depend on the fan used. Some can use up to 60 or more watts, while other more energy efficient models could use as little as six watts.

Does a lighting fixture use watts or is it the bulb that uses watts because my fixture says 660 watts but the CFL bulb is only 23 watts?

The watts determine how much energy is taken and how much heat is produced. You need to look at the lumens to see how much light is produced. CFLs produce 4-5 times more lumens than incandescent bulbs, or 3-4 times more than halogens, for the same power in watts.

How many watts will a ballast consume for 3 20 watts tubelights?

Check the ballast for the amperage and multiply it by the working voltage. This will give you the wattage that the fixture draws.

Can you use New 100 watt bulbs that use 72 watts of power in a 75 watt fixture?

If it uses 72 watts of power it's a 72 watt bulb, although a halogen bulb might also be marked 100 watts to indicate its brightness compared to an ordinary incandescent bulb. It would be all right in a 75 watt fixture.

How many watts does a recessed light used?

The wattage rating of a recessed light is governed by the amount of heat it can dissipate. The wattage rating is set by a standards organization and has to be adhered to by the manufacturing company. The label that is on the recessed light fixture is the maximum size incandescent bulb that can be used in the fixture. Depending on the bulb size used in the fixture will reflect the amount of watts the recess light will use.

Is it safe to use a tcp bulb 18w in a 60 watt fixture?

Yes, it is only pulling 18 watts.

How many watts does a HO 8 foot T-12 fluorescent lamp fixture draw?

Look on the ballast inside of the fixture. There is an amperage and a voltage on the ballast label. Use this equation to find the wattage. W = I x E, Watts = Amps x Volts. This will give you the answer that you are looking for.

Can you put 75 watts when 60 watts is recommended for fixture?

The fixture manufacturer goes on the side of safety. A 75 watt bulb puts out both more light and heat than a 60 watt bulb. It can make the fixture burn out sooner. For even more light, why don't you go with a florescent and get a 27 watt bulb that gives off the same amount of light as a 100 watt bulb? That will give off far less heat and be far better for your fixture?

How much wattage does house bathroom exhaust fan use?

15-25 Watts.

How many watts does an average washer use?

an average washer uses around 850 watts some expensive ones uses around 1000 watts

How many watts to run double fluro light?

It depends on the type of double fluorescent fixture and the tubes you use in it. If you use regular T-12 tubes, you would use 80 watts plus whatever losses you get from the ballast (up to 20 watts). If you use energy saver T-12 tubes, you would use 68 watts plus the losses from the ballast. If you use a T-8 fixture, you would use 64 watts plus whatever losses from the electronic ballast which are next to nothing in comparison to a magnetic T-12 ballast.

Have a regular fixture with 3 60 watt bulbs now want to convert to a LED fixture with the same amount of light how many LED watts do I need to get the same effect?

I cannot tell you as this will vary from brand to brand of LED lightbulbs. Look on the package for the "equivalent wattage" rating and buy bulbs rated at 60W equivalent. You should not need to change the fixture, just put LED lightbulbs in the one you already have.

What is least expensive to run a heater with 750 watts and 7.1 amps or 600 watts and 12.5 amps?

750Watts is the most expensive the higher the wattage the more units of electricity you will use up.

How much electricity does a fluorescent fixture use?

Look at the ballast and there you will find an amperage that the ballast uses. Also find the voltage that the ballast uses. Use this formula to fine the wattage of the fixture. Watts = Amps x Volts.