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The distributor cap screws to the distributor. Buy a new set of wires and replace them one at a time to avoid mixing them up. The coil just unbolts.


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My 93 camry has no power from the distributor to the spark plugs. The car unable to start.

Buy a new set and remove and change ONE WIRE AT A TIME from plugs/distributor cap.

Some Volkswagen models actually came with a diesel engine. Others have spark plugs located under the distributor cap. Once the distributor cap is removed replace the spark plugs one by one as to not get them crossed.

In a 1995 Ford Taurus : ( there are 6 spark plugs ) for the 3.0 or 3.8 V6 engines

when do you change spark plugs

distributes the spark from the coil to the spark plugs

The spark travels from the coil to the distributor then from the distributor to the plugs. So if you have spark going into the distributor but not coming out to the plugs, I would blame the distributor cap and rotor being at fault.

no the plugs just delivers the spark. you only need to do timing if u pull the distributor out of the block or do a timingChan or if the distributor slips

A 96 maxima does not have "a distributor" it has 6 individual distributors or coil packs. One for each cylinder/spark plug. They are on the top side of the spark plugs.

To change the spark plugs in a 1997 astro van do I have to change the spark plugs from the bottom of the engine/

No it is probably ur spark plugs or spark plug wires, that electric distributor or coil No it is probably ur spark plugs or spark plug wires, that electric distributor or coil

Use the same spark plugs as you would with a distributor, but reset the gap to .020".

One must get the distributor cap off first. Then one can change the spark plugs. If one has any issues with this the help of a mechanic may be the best route.

im not getting fire to the spark plugs but the distributor is getting fire what do i do please help

how to change spark plugs on a 2001 expedition

4.3? Follow the spark plug wires from the spark plugs, they will lead you right to the distributor.

Check the spark plug wires and the distributor cap.

Defective coil, distributor, or emissions control device defective.

The distributor distributes the spark to the spark plugs at the correct time and order.

how do i change the spark plugs on a Chevy silverado 1500

1999 Volkswagen Beetle how to change spark plugs

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