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Try some 3M structural adhesive. Should be ava. at good hardware store or parts dept. of any GM dealer. Two (2) part epoxy. Apply to both surfaces hold in place with Duct Tape, sets in 2-5min. Color cream... The main thing on these bumpers are they have a circular disk that fits in a slot. Hard to get it in, but when you do, take a regular metal screw and install in the lip of the metal fender well..Very common problem on these cars..

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โˆ™ 2006-01-19 02:22:08
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Q: How would you correct a rear bumper molding that has come loose and is hanging down?
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To repair a driver's side door molding that is loose, there is a sealant that can be purchased at an automotive parts store. This type of sealant is weather resistant and is usually black in color to help it blend in with the color of the molding.

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It is easy. just remove the 4 large nuts next to your tow hooks. I always wrap the ends of the bumper with tape or something to protect from scratching the bumper when you finally get the nuts loose. The ends will want to go up and hit the fender paint.

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its a series of screws and bolts.. its really easy.. first the two screws on each side of the wheel well where it meets with the fenders on each side of the car.. second take the bumper lights out with the single screw either on the inside or outside (i forget).. pull out the the bumper lights and take out the lights from the light sockets on the bumper lights.. third behind the bumper lights is where the bumper support bolts on to the frame.. its alot easier if you take of the bumper support with it.. they're two 12mm bolts one on top the otherbehind each bumper light.. take off all four.. then the bumper will hang loose.. on the bottom of the bumper will be two 10mm bolts where the bumper connects to the radiator support.. take those off as well.. and voualla.. (how ever u spell it) the bumper is off when replacing any front end piece (besides the hood) it is always good to take off the front bumper.. i found out the hard way when i tried to replace my filler panel (between bumper and head light)

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