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Aphrodite (Venus)

How would you describe Aphrodite?

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How would one describe the goddess Aphrodite?

One would describe her as someone with great beauty.

How old would Aphrodite be today?

today aphrodite would be about 800BC

If Aphrodite was a person what would she be like?

i would describe her as a kind, sweet, and loving person I would say she would be the girl that every guy wants. She is the goddess of sexual desire/lust.

What are four traits that describe Aphrodite?

Beautiful Unfaithful Vain Passionate

What where some words that describe Aphrodite?

lovely, beautiful, sensless, full of herself, adored

If Aphrodite wasn't a godssess what would she be?

She would be a supermodel.

Who does Aphrodite marry?

Aphrodite marries her brother so the gods would stop fighting over her.

How do people worship the goddess Aphrodite?

People would pray in temples devoted to Aphrodite to worship her.

What are some adjectives that begin with the letter t that describe the goddess Aphrodite?

Tall! Tender! Truthful!

Is Afrodite a better spelling for Aphrodite?

Afrodith is the Greek name; but Aphrodite is what a English speaker would recognize.

What did the Greeks believe would happen if they didn't worship aphrodite?

The Greeks believed that not worshiping Aphrodite would cause them to cease to love and produce children.

How was Aphrodite important to the Greeks?

Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love and Beauty, so many who wanted to be beautiful would pray to her.

What would be a good costume for Aphrodite?

Probably something very pretty, as Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of beauty. Answer 2: In art Aphrodite is usually depicted without any clothes.

What does Aphrodite have that compels anyone to desire her?

When Aphrodite was born, she evidently was gifted with a magical girdle, a belt that would make others "laughter loving".

Who would win Aphrodite or Circe?

Given that Aphrodite is a deity, where as Circe is 'merely' a demi-goddess, you'd go for the god.

How is Aphrodite related to Zeus?

In most myths, Aphrodite was born from the sea foam, so she would have no relation to Zeus. In other myths, Aphrodite is Zeus' daughter by Dione.he may be her father

What would you do to look like Aphrodite?

look pretty

Greek goddnes of love and pleasure?

That would be Aphrodite.

What would Aphrodite and Ares talk about?

Love and war.

Who was the giant that would oppose Aphrodite?

His name was Enceladus

How did Aphrodite become married to Hephaestus?

Aphrodite became married to Hephaestus because Zues knew that the other Gods would fight over he gave her hand to Hephaestus in marriage.

Why is Aphrodite important in Greek society?

Aphrodite is important in Greek society because without no love or beauty there would be not much of a poppulation.

Why did Greece need Aphrodite?

If Aphrodite, Goddess of Love didn't exist in Greece then there would be no lust, love or desire ever in Greece.

Did Ares have children?

Yes Ares had: Eros with Aphrodite Anteros with Aphrodite Phobos with Aphrodite Deimos with Aphrodite Harmonia with Aphrodite Adrestia with Aphrodite Phlegyas with Chryse or Dotis

Did Aphrodite marry?

Yes. Aphrodite married Hephaestus so people and gods would stop fighting over. Even though Hephaestus wasn't the most handsome, she married him because he would allow her to do as she wished. Even married, Aphrodite was goin out with Ares.

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