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The only way is to use a meter, it does not have to be expensive. Radio Shack offers inexpensive meters. Simply "clamp" the meter around the circuit you want to test.

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Q: How would you determine the amperage drawn on each breaker in your electrical panel?
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Purpose of a breaker in an electrical circuit?

Breakers ensure that when too much amperage is being drawn through the circuit the power is shut off. Excessive amperage creates heat. Without a breaker that heat buildup could lead to fire.

When will a circuit breaker trip or turn off?

A circuit breaker has a specific amperage trip setting. That is the number on the handle of the breaker. When an amperage that is drawn by a load goes higher than the setting on the breaker, the breaker will trip off. This tripping action opens the circuit and drops off the load that was causing a higher than normal amperage.

What size breaker do you need for a well pump?

A breaker is based on the amperage that is drawn by the pump motor load. Find the full load amperage of the motor. The wire fed from the breaker has to be rated at 125% of the motors full load amperage. The breaker for motors have to be over sized, usually 250% of the motors full load amps.

Can 3 fans 115 volts be plug in one outlet on 120 volts?

Depends on the size breaker used in the distribution panel, and the total amperage drawn by any other devices being powered on that same circuit, and of course, the amount of amperage drawn by each of the 3 fans.

What amp breaker do you need for a 325 watt heater 120 VAC?

Electrical breakers are sized by the conductor that is connected to it. The conductor is sized by the current that is drawn by the circuit. The formula for amperage is I = W/E. Amps + Watts/Volts. 325/120 = 2.7 amps. A #14 copper conductor is rated at 15 amps. This is the minimum size wiring that is used for house circuits loads. The breaker for this size wiring will be a 15 amp breaker.

What is the function of a circuit breaker?

The purpose of a circuit breaker is to open the circuit in the event of an overload. Wires/conductors are only rated for a specific Amperage. If this amperage is exceeded the conductor/wire begins to heat up and given enough time it becomes a fire hazard. For instance a 15 amp breaker will trip once the Amps drawn through that circuit exceed 15 amps. The short answer is to keep you safe.

How many breaker amps can you use on a 70 amp panel?

The amperage that can be used from a service distribution panel is governed by the amperage of the main breaker. If the main breaker is 70 amps then up to a maximum of 70 amps can be taken from the panel before the main breaker trips on an over current fault. Any combination of branch circuits can come off of this panel as long as there is slots left for breakers to be installed. If you add up all of the breaker amperages in your distribution panel now you will see that the total is well above what your main breaker is rated for. The main breaker is used for two purposes, one to disconnect the panel from the utility supply source and two to limit the amperage that cam be drawn from the manufactures rated equipment. If the electrical panel's maximum rated current draw is 70 amps then that is what the manufacturer of the panel found, through UL testing, that that is all it can handle without becoming overheated due to the excessive current draw.

Can you use a 30 amp breaker for a stove?

The breaker commonly used for ranges is a 40 amp. This size is used to cover the total wattage of the range. If for some reason all of the top elements and the oven were in use at the same time then the amperage drawn would be just under the trip setting of the breaker. If this same scenario were played out on the range with a 30 amp breaker supplying the power it would trip the breaker.

How many amps does a House draw?

Impossible to tell without a meter. Most homes are wired with a 60amp or 100amp (max) Panel. Checking how many amps are being drawn off a main hot wire should do the trick.Another perspective Actually... a house doesn't consume any electrical energy. The only way to use electrical energy is to turn on appliances or other electric devices. To determine the amperage consumption of your house, add the total amperage draw of all electrical devices that are on at any one time.

How much amperage is drawn by a kiloWatt motor?

To answer this question the motor voltage is needed.

What is circuit amperage?

Generally speaking an appliance (eg tv) is supplied with power so when it is off it has voltage supplied. After yo turn it on it starts to draw power called amperage the voltage doesn't get higheur but the amperage does Amperage is the load being drawn through a circiut

Can using larger wire sizes reduce amp draw?

Larger wires will not reduce the amperage draw of a device. Limiting amperage draw is accomplished by fuses wich blow when the amperage drawn across them exceeds their specifications.

How many amps are in a C battery?

The amperage drawn from a C cell battery is governed by the load resistance. The lower the resistive load the higher the amperage draw from the battery.

What is a typical rated amperage for an electrical range?

In North America a 40 amp breaker is used on 240 volts. W = A x V = 40 x 240 = 9600 watts. That is the maximum that can be drawn from the circuit but usually only one or two burners or the oven are ever used at one time reducing the wattage load. On the back of the range there is a nameplate with all of the specification of your unit.

What amp wire should you use for 3000w lights?

Wire size is based on the amperage drawn. To find the amperage, the voltage must be stated. Use this formula to find the amperage. I = W/E. Amps = Watts/ Volts. Once you have the amperage, restate your question using the new found amperage or state the voltage that supplies the lights.

Why limit the amount of electricity passing trough a circuit?

Circuits are limited for a few reasons firstly because certain size wiring can only handle so much voltage and amperage before it could fail secondly wiring heats up when more amperage is drawn through it which can create fires or burning out of the circuit most appliances draw set amount of current and amperage if you have a low amperage appliance Eg pool pump drawing 4 amps and the windings start to fail the motor can start drawing excessive amperage creating a hazard, if you had a large circuit it may never trip the breaker indicating a fault with the appliance which can cause catastrophic failure.

What is air circuit?

You may be referring to an air circuit breaker or, more accurately, and air-blast circuit breaker. This is a type of high-voltage circuit breaker in which the electrical arc, drawn when it opens, is stretched and snapped by a blast of air directed between the separating contacts -so the air is used as a method of extinguishing the arc. Often, these breaker's mechanisms are also driven by compressed air.

How many amps are in a Circuit Breaker Double Pole 60A?

There is no current in a 60A circuit breaker. The above circuit breaker is a 2 pole circuit breaker that will trip when more than 60 AMPS is being drawn through either of the 2 poles.

How many volts can b drawn off a 240 volt breaker?

240 volts maximum.

What is the purpose of a circuit breaker?

circuit breakers are designed to cut off power to an electrical circuit when too much amperage is drawn through the wires. different size wires are used to carry more or less amperage. for instance, 14 guage wires are usually set with 15 amp breakers. and 12 guage wires are usually set with 20 amp breakers. pulling too much power through too small of wire will cause the electricity that is supposed to be going to your appliance to turn to heat energy in the wires and is the #1 cause of electrical related house fires. breakers protect you in the event you are drawing too much power through a single circuit.

What is an automatic voltage regulator?

An Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is a special piece of electrical equipment which is designed to maintain its output voltage at an almost constant value even though:the input voltage supplied to it may vary considerably within the voltage range for which the AVR was designed andthe amperage or current drawn by the load it is serving may vary considerably within the amperage range for which the AVR was designed.

How much amps flow in the home plug point?

The current (amperage) flowing in a circuit is related to, amongst other things, the voltage and the wattage of the device being used. To find the amperage in a circuit use the formula A=W/V, where A = amps, W = Watts and V = Volts.For instance if the supply voltage is 120 V and the device is 1200 Watts the amperage drawn would be 1200 divided by 120 which would equal 10 amps.The circuit is also constrained by the rating of the fuse or circuit breaker and the dimensions of the conducing cable.

What is mean by pick up current?

Pick up current refers to the amperage required when energizing an electrical circuit. For example, when turning on an electic motor the amperage drawn while starting could be 5 to 10 times higher than when the motor is running. This is why the lights in your house may dim for a moment when the furnace blower starts, or in your work shop when you start a cicular saw or other large power tool.

How many light switches can you have on a breaker?

Asking how many lights can be connected to a breaker is like asking "How long is a piece of string?".The total amperage of the lights you want to use together at any one time must not exceed the safe load current of the circuit breaker on your lighting circuit.It is impossible to give a general answer because the total number of lights that can be installed will depend on the wattage and therefore the amperage drawn by each light and also on whether or not they will all be switched on together at the same times of day or night.As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.Before you do any work yourself,on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.

What do car fuses do?

A device designed to provide protection for a given circuit or device by physically opening the circuit. Fuses are rated by their amperage and are designed to blow or open when the current being drawn through it exceeds its design rating. They are designed to protect the electrical circuits in your car from a short circuit or overload.