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How would you disconnect the switch for 'key left in the ignition' or 'door ajar'?

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Ive never done it either but i guesstimate that once you LOCATE the switch and disconnect the power to it that it wont work. Dont just pull the fuse as it may power other systems that you need. Find the switch and unplug the wires, INSULATE them and see what happens. Good Luck

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Why is the deck light staying on Chrysler Sebring?

The trunk lid is open or the ajar switch has malfunctioned.The trunk lid is open or the ajar switch has malfunctioned.

What does dECk mean on 2008 dodge avenger?

The trunk lid is open or the trunk ajar switch has malfunctioned

Where is the ajar indicater on the Jeep Compass?

The door ajar switch is built inside the door latch.

Where is the door ajar sensor on a Jeep Compass?

The door ajar switch is part of the latch, inside the door.

Where is the door ajar switch located on the 2008 ford sport?

The door ajar switch on the 2008 Ford Sport is located inside the door that is mounted on the backside.

How can you disable the door ajar alarm on a Kia Sorrento?

Each door has an ajar sensor. Disconnect it and see if it works. If it does not work, just unplug the ajar alarm, which is a small black box, from the panel to disable it.

How do you disconnect the deck ajar on a 1984 Pontiac Fierro?

On the 1984 the switch is located on a metal plate in the engine compartment side of the trunk--it is just a pin switch--probably the metal plate has bent down--or if you want just remove the wire on the switch A work around it to remove the ajar light bulb from the instrument panel. Make sure your trunk light or spare tire compartment light are out or you will drain the battery.

Where is the door jamb switch on a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica?

The ajar switch is part of the latch, inside the door.

Where is the door ajar switch contacts located on a 2003 ford ranger?

The door ajar switches are inside the doors mounted on the backside of the latching mechanism - They have a pin switch which tends to get dirty causing them to stick so the door ajar light comes on in your dash. Some fellows spray the latch mechanism with WD 40 but I think an electrical contact cleaner would work better - Helpfull

Past tense of ajar?

The best way to phrase it would be to place "was" directly before ajar Example: "The door was ajar, Then I shut it."

How do you disable the door ajar switch on a 98 expedition?

I had a problem with my door ajar switch staying on in a 98 EXPO and when I took it to the dealer they just sprayed W-D 40 in the locking mechanism for the door. I guess there is a senso in there that turns the door ajar light on and the w-d 40 makes it get contact.

Where is the ford aerostar liftgate ajar switch?

It is attached to the liftgate latch assembly.

What would cause the chime to stay on when the headlights are on on a 1993 Thunderbird LX?

the chime would stay on if the keys are in the ignition (but the car turned off) and if the door is ajar to warn that the lights are still on

Why does the trunk ajar light stay on and the over head light in a 2005 Saab?

If the trunk lid isn't actually ajar, the switch has gone out of alignment, or it broke.

Synoneme for ajar?

ajar means wide open, so a synonym would be open

On 2004 Dodge Dakota where is the dome light switch on door?

The door ajar switch is part of the latch inside the door.

Where is dome light switch in the door of dodge stratus 2005?

The door ajar switch is part of the latch, inside the door.

How do you turn door ajar lights off on a Lincoln navigator when the doors are open?

You would have to pull courtesy light fuse, if they are to be open for extended period for repairs, just disconnect batt

Why does the door ajar light stays on even when all the doors are close on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville?

bad door ajar switch inside one of the doors its in the striker assy

Where would the door ajar switch be located on a 1995 Lincoln town car?

they are incorporated into the door latches ,if your door ajar stays on one trick is to soak the latches down with wd-40 and keep opening and closing the doors and it should go off..

How do you fix the door ajar light in a 95 Nissan pathfinder when the doors are all shut?

I would think you have a faulty door jamb switch. The drivers door is used the most so I would replace that switch first. I hope this helps you. Mark

Door ajar is not working on Mazda mpv?

The door switch is bad. I have replaced the drivers side door switch on mine for the same reason.

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