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Its against eBay rules to list any bear parts on its site. After saying that, you can find from time to time bear item on eBay, but they are pulled off the site as fast as they are put on. A large grizzly bear rug, 8 ft or larger, in excellent condition with all claws and paper work, bring around 1200 to 2000 at taxidermy auctions. Black bear rugs don't bring more then a few hundred $$ if they are in excellent condition. A large one of course would bring a little more.

I would like to find out too, since I just bought one at a flea market. Must have been a smaller black bear harvested in the 80s in NC. I want to clean him up an put some conditioner on the fur and skin but don't know what to use yet. If anyone knows, please advise. I will probably sell it on eBay. I've just looked to see if there were any already on eBay and there was not except for some faux fur bear skin. Toucan

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Q: How would you find out how much a real brown or grizzly bear skin rug is worth?
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