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Generally you can't. Normally only the police can have this information. There has been a big fuss recently as the DVLA has been selling the names and addresses on its database.

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โˆ™ 2006-01-18 21:23:26
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Q: How would you find out the name of a car owner in the UK from only the make and registration?
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Who is responsibility is it to make sure a car has a valid registration in NJ- the owner or the driver?

The Owner is the one who must take care of all of the legal aspects of a vehicle.

What is the purpose of a police car registration check?

A police car registration check is used to ensure that the vehicle is not stolen and that their are no active warrants for the owner. They also check to make sure that the plate numbers are correct.

If you are paying taxes on a property in Texas does that make you the property owner?

No, paying property taxes on a property does not make you the property owner. Only a properly executed deed naming you as the owner would make you an owner.

Who has the rights to your car if your mom helped you buy it and her name is on the bill that comes every month but both of your names are on the registration and you make all the payments?

Both have equal rights no matter who pays the bill. The name on the registration is the legal owner(s).

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What do you do if you buy a car and find that the seller was not the current owner?

Sounds to me like you possibly have a stolen car. Anytime you purchase a used car make sure the title and registration belong to the seller and ask for ID. Better yet, before you buy the car, take the title number and call the DMV to find out who the correct owner is and if the title is clean. Hopefully, you can track the seller down. Good luck!

How do you find the owner and address of a car if you just have the make and model of the car?

You cant.

Can co owner not on registration take vehicle from owner who is on registration owner not on registration is responsible for loan and other owner is causing a default by keeping car and failing to gi?

No. You need a court order. If you agreed to obtain the car loan you should have placed your name as co-owner on the title. Since you are not on the title you cannot take possession of the car. Since you ARE responsible for the car loan you must keep the car payments current. You need to take the matter to court to request the car be retitled in your name. There is a more serious problem lurking. You need to make sure the insurance is current and that the car is fully insured. If the legal owner has allowed the insurance to lapse or does not have full coverage you will still be responsible for repayment of the loan if the car is wrecked. That situation arises frequently in cases like this one with individuals who are not responsible enough to make car payments. If they can't make the car payments then it usually follows that they cannot make insurance payments either. You need to get before a judge ASAP in order to get that car out of the possession of the legal "owner". Make certain you make the loan payments and that you have written proof that you are making them. You must bring that proof of payment to court as well as proof that you obtained the loan to pay for the car. If you find that the insurance has lapsed you should try to obtain proof of that also.

How can you remove a boyfriend from your vehicle registration?

You need to take your Vehicle Ownership Certificate (pink slip) to your State Motor Vehicle department. If you are the sole owner, then you can get a new registration issued in your name only. You'll of course have to pay the Registration fee since it's a new one. Make sure you have your license with you - it can get embarassing if you show up without it...

Can you find out the exact model of car from reg plate?

Yes, most good accessory shops have a computer program installed which will tell them Make Model cc Registration date from the registration number.

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you make him pay it or else you will need to pay it.

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