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coolant ALWAYS has an exact 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. whether it's green ethelyne glycol or GM's dex-cool. always use half water, half coolant.

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Q: How would you find the correct coolant-water mix for a 1994 Chevy S-10 4.6 liter v-6?
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I think the closest thing to the 4.6 liter engine size would be the old Chevy 283 ( GM has a 4.8 liter V8 engine )

What would be the miles per gallon for a 4.6 liter Chevy engine in a 25 foot RV camper?

Correction: The Chevy 454 V8 is a 7.4 liter -- not 4.6 as was originally typed.

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I would like to know how to improve the towing capacity of my 2004 Chevy Silverado Z71. It has a 5.3 liter engine

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That would be a small block.

Is there a Chevy 4.6 liter engine?

There is a Chevy 4.8 litre V8 ( the closest thing in " size " to a 4.6 litre would be the old Chevy 283 cubic inch V8 )

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It would have a 195 degree thermostat so it would be in that range.

Can you cut an access hole to the fuel pump on a 1995 Chevy lumina 3.1 liter?

Yes, you can but it would be very dangerous.

What is the biggest engine produced in the Chevy Beretta?

The Chevy Beretta biggest engine ever produced would be there 3.4 liter v6 which was actually faster then the camaro in the same year of production.

What is the correct dwell angle for single point dizzy on a '92 Chevy 350?

The last year for a Chevy "dizzy" with points would be 1972 and that would be 28 to 32 degrees. '92 would be a electronic HEI "Dizzy".

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That would be 364 cubic inches: 6.0L 1999 and up

Is a 4.3 liter a 350 305 301 or a 260 engine?

it would be a 260 a 350 and 305 are Chevy motors

Where is no1 cyl you mixed up the wires?

I would be happy to provide you with the correct wire installation if you would provide the Make, Model, Year, and Engine Size of the vehicle you are referring to. 1995 chevy 20 van 4.3 liter 6 cyl #1 would be front driver side.

What is the towing capacity of a 1999 Chevy s-10 extreme equipped with the 4.3 liter V6?

I believe that would be around 4000 lb.

What transmission goes with a 5.7 liter 1994 Chevy 1500?

That would be a 4L60E transmission. That is what belongs in the truck and came in that truck from the factory. NEUTZ.

What kind of transmission would in a Chevy caprise classic 5.0 liter 305 motor?

turbo hydro matic 350 if it is an 81 on down

Where would water leak into the oil on a 5.3 liter Chevy?

Cracked cylinder head, blown head gasket, engine block or intake gaskets.

What side is bank 1 on Chevy astro van 1999 4.3L?

Bank 1 would be the drivers side of the engine on your Chevrolet 4.3 liter

Can you put a 350 corvette engine in a 2005 Chevy impala?

Chevy already put the 5.3 Liter V8 in the Impala in 2006. It makes 303 H.P. Putting a 5.7 could be done, but the expense would be great. I would just look for a factory V8.

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