How would you find the value of a Baseball card?

eBay is a great place to price any memorabilia. Better than a price guide that comes out once a year, you can find out what collectors are currently paying, and in what condition the item is in.

Do a completed items search on eBay for the card you are looking for. Note the condition of the card that sells as compared to your. Condition of the card holds the bulk of the value. note if the card is graded or non-graded. Graded cards can sell as high as twice the market value or more. If your card is not graded you can not use this as a yardstick.

You can also visit the website.You will have to subscribe for as little as $5.95 but you will be able to tap into a large data base of prices, and more. I will leave a link below to my website for information on odd and end vintage baseball cards. You can find prices on your cards for free on WikiAnswers. To determine a value of your card ask the question providing the following important information: The year the card was issued, the company that issued the card, the player, and the card number.