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Contact your local Va Hospital they may be able to put you in the right direction for your search.

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Q: How would you find what years your Grandfather served in World War 2?
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John Paul I only served as Pope for one month, which would amount to .083 years.

How many years did fdr serve in office?

FDR served just a little more than 12 years. He would have served for 16 years if he had not died early in his fourth term.

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After I enlisted in the Navy in 1974, I served with several Navy Seabees who had fought in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Service members who retired after 30 years during that time would have served in all three wars.

How many years did George Washington served as president?

He served for eight years.

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he is old

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No. The longest most Presidents have served is 8 years, and Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office for just over 12 years. Even if someone had been U. S. President for 10 years, he would not have served a 10-year term. All U. S. Presidential terms are and have been 4 years. Those who served more than 4 years served multiple terms.

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There were many presidents who served 4 years - not just one.

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Only one- Franklin Roosevelt who served from March 4, 1933 until he died on April 15, 1945. He would have served almost 16 years if he had lived to finish his fourth term.

How long did he served?

4 years

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Jefferson served 2 terms. This is 8 years.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt served the most at 12 years, 1 month.

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You need to specify where they were served.

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years they severd in the presidency

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt served 12 years in office.