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I would pull the door panel off and then actuate the lock; chances are you just have some linkage that is binding within the door. I hope this helps you. Mark

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โˆ™ 2005-11-24 03:57:29
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Q: How would you fix a problem with the rear driver side door not locking when all other doors lock on a 95 Rodeo?
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How can you stop the doors from locking automatically on a ford focus?

I would locate the fuse in the fuse box and remove the fuse, that's not fixing the problem but it will stop the automatic locking.

Why are the indicator lights not flashing on my Ford Mondeo when I operate the remote control locking?

one of your doors or bonnet not shut we had the same problem but they will only flash on double locking

The central locking in your Ford Falcon AU11 is not locking the back door behind the driver but locks all the other doors?

inside the locking unit in the door is a plastic screw jack that breaks. it can be repaired easily if you can trace the part. easy fix Simon

Why does my Peugeot 306 central locking lock but immediately unlock again but you can lock the doors manually from inside?

I have had this problem. The central locking system checks that all of the doors are closed when it is activated. So it has a loop of wires that goes through all the doors (when the doors are closed the loop is complete and the central locking stays locked) What is happening is, some of the wires in the loop have snapped, his happens in the doors, (if you look in the door when it is open, on the hinge side, you will see a black rubber tube that contains the wiring). All of the door wiring will need to be checked and broken wires repaired - this should solve the problem.

Ford transit Central locking shuts then opens?

9 times out of 10 its because of the side door there is a little black switch on the door that pops out when the doors open and back in when its closed this tells the locking system that its not locked so it re opens the doors try uncliping the switch and locking this should work Another problem that causes this is a broken earth wire to the door locking motors both front and the rear doors,it doesnt seem to matter about the side door.

What is the difference between a keyless entry system and central locking system of the car?

The central locking means if you lock the door of the driver side by the key from outside or from inside then all the four doors and the boot door gets locked. And inversely if you open then all doors open. Key less entry is a bit advanced version of this wherein you don't have to turn the key to lock or unlock. In this a small console is fitted inside the car and you get a remote key chain with buttons for locking and uncloking. You press the button for locking and the all the doors lock and similarly unlock as well.

Picasso Xsara SX HDi 2001 doors not locking both central and remote what could be the reason?

Doors are not locking and the dashboard says boot open whenever the ignition key is turned on

What are the uses of a sonic screw-driver?

Pretty much everything. It said so in a comic of Doctor Who Magazines. I can give you some examples: Unlocking Doors, Giving sonic boosts, Locking Doors, shorting out electricity, fixing barbed wire, exploding stuff, upgrading phones and many more useful stuff. Hope this helps.

VW Polo 97 - Is there a fuse that controls the central locking of doors and petrol cap?

i dont think there is central locking in them

How do you fix automatic door on a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder it keeps locking me inside?

open the doors and spray the locking mechanisms withwd40

What colour are the central locking wires on a Mk4 Astra?

brown/red to lock the doors brown/white to unlock the doors

How to fix Holden central locking on an vp commodore?

I think that on your VP commodore when you say that the central locking is not working that the problem is with the rear doors, and when this happens the problem is when the solenoid on the door lock assembly has given out,so make sure that all of the wiring to the doors is good, plus the remote is working right then ,if still not working go to the wreckers and get a rear door lock mechanism out of a VS commodore and the newer part should work.

My 2000 Jetta VR6 has started locking all doors autom. while engine is off... I thought this was not possible and VW claims it 2b a safety feature that keys cannot be locked in the car. Right?

You have a sensor in the ignition locking system that needs to be replaced. To cheeply get by the problem take out the locking relay.

Locking your vehicle doors while driving provides better protection in a collision by preventing occupants from being ejected?

Locking your doors is just plain provides better protection. Besides being ejected which is a subject I know nothing about, anyone can walk up to you car and open the door if it is left unlocked. Locking your doors makes you slightly less vulnerable to predators and muggers.

Why does the dome and door light not come on when opening driver door but works when opening the other 3 doors on a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo?

does it have a door ajar switch. if it does, may be stuck or faulty. there is no door jar switch

1996 continental interior lights?

Are they staying on? Which is typically the problem Spray door internal locking mechanism liberally with WD-40 and opem and close doors a few times--then spray with silicone--should solve problem (common to this vehicle)

How do you tern off the alarm on a vauxhal vectra if the key fob is not doing its job?

its the locking of the driver and passenger door with the key that operates he alarm. the only way round it is to lock the drivers and passengers doors from reaching in via the back doors or obviously locking the passenger sides before getting out by pushing th pin down then get out of the car and lock the drivers door by reaching in from the rear drivers door.

How did the people prevent the black death from spreading?

locking their doors..... standing away from people who had it....

Doors lock automatically when I walk away from my 1995 corvette?

Doors locking when you walk away from them is in the future so no they would not lock when you walk away.

What is the center locking system of cars?

By using central locking system of cars, passenger can lock or unlock all the doors of car pressing a button or flipping a switch.

How do you prevent the doors from automatically locking when the engine is running?

Many vehicles have a programming method associated with the door locking and driving lights. To find out more about it, check in the owners manual.

Can the driver door glass be adjusted on a 1994 coupe to prevent the glass breaking as it hits when the door is closed?

Mine has the same problem, and it is because the doors are sagging slightly. Instead of paying to have it repaired, I just roll the windows down very slightly, and it solves the problem until I can afford to fix the doors.

Is there some way of resetting the central locking in a W reg Megane if you had to replace a door and now the locking works in reverse to the others on the new door?

X reg doors have a different wiring harness to W reg doors, swap red wire with blue wire and the door will work in sinc with other doors. renault dealership

How do you stop the doors from locking automatically in Mitsubishi Outlander 2005 when the ignition is switched on It also unlocks the doors when the transmission is placed into P?

Locate and remove the relays involved.

How do i fix the door lock on all doors on a 95 Yukon?

A new central locking pump is needed.