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if there is a clutch adjustment on car, adjust the clutch if no adjustment, you will shortly need to replace the clutch

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Q: How would you fix a really high clutch engagement point What you mean is that the car wont kick in until the clutch is about 95 pulled out?
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How do you adjust the clutch in a 1994 Honda Del Sol?

The real question is "what are you trying to adjust?" If you are looking to make your clutch petal shorter IE like a sport performance clutch you need a "quick clutch" master cylinder. Omni Power Performance has one of the best ones IMHO. If you are looking to change the engagement point well forget it, the engagement point is based of that master cylinder, if you get a quick clutch, you are either engaged (petal out) or disengaged (petal in). A standard master cylinder gives leeway on the engagement point based on the amount of fluid being pushed through the cylinder. Standard Master Cylinder Piston Size = About 15cm Omni Power Master Cylinder Piston Size = About 22

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1990 Toyota Camry?

Well, I am in the process of figuring this out but, there is a threaded push rod attached to the clutch pedal which has a lock nut right at the back of the clutch where the rod attaches to the pedal. I assume that releasing the locking nut and rotating the push rod will adjust the pedal action up or down and change the engagement point. Looks pretty straight forward.

What is a biting point?

A biting point is the point at which the clutch engages in a car when the pedal is released.

Your 944 1985 4-cylinder clutch has to be pulled halfway up after shifting?

The clutch pedal has an assist spring and return spring. The assist spring tension must be adjusted to create a balance point at which the clutch pedal will over center and return to the fully disengaged position. It is also possible that the system may have air or the push rod attached to the pedal may be out of adjustment.

2009 750 shadow spirit wide range trans noise at acceleration also sometimes at quick deceleration and when letting out clutch at point of engagement normal?

did you ever get the noise figured out?, mine just started doing the same thing today

At what point does the vehicle begin to move when you slowly release your foot from the clutch?

At the friction point

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What is the point at which the bowstring is pulled back fully?


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What is a clutch arm?

The clutch arm is like a teeter-todder. The clutch arm sits on a pivot point in the transmission bell housing and disengages the clutch by pushing down on the pressure place through a "throw out" bearing when the clutch pedal is pushed down.

Why does your clutch squeak when you press it?

The clutch pedal usually squeaks where the clutch pedal is mounted under the dash. The clutch pedal pivots at its mounting point so it probaly just needs some lubed sprayed on it.

Why would the newly replaced clutch on a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo not depress without a ton of force and actually feel like it is pushing back at a certain point?

Something is installed incorrectly. Most likely you did not install the "Pull clutch" properly. With a 1997 Rodeo clutch, the release bearing actually snaps into the ring in the clutch, and when the clutch is depressed the release bearing pulls the clutch, rather than the standard "Push clutch" model. So, when you are depressing the pedal, the clutch is not being pulled away, giving you the hard pedal feel. Make sure when installing your release bearing that you remove the small ring from the back of the connector ring on the clutch before you insert the release bearing, and then snap it back on after the release bearing is completely installed or the clutch will not work properly.

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