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How would you fix your blinkers if it isn't the fuse and they don't work manually by hitting the blinker arm?

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If you are saying you have to manually turn the blinker on and off by hand, then the flasher relay is bad. If you are saying you have to hold the turn signal lever in position and it does work and flashes on and off by doing this, then the turn signal lever is broken inside and needs replacing.

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Why would you hear the blinker noise on a 2002 VW Jetta when the blinkers and hazards are not on?

This has to do with a faulty signal switch. At least that's what the dealer told me when mine was replaced (under warranty).

Why would blinkers still not work after you checked all fuses and replaced the blinker lever?

in mark 8's they use a controler to make flashers flash. this module has gone bad

Why would your wont your turn signal work but your hazerds will and i replaced all the fuses?

Could be the control stick for the blinkers. If the lights work, try replacing the stick or checking out the signal path for that blinker

Where is the blinker fuse located on a 96 Chevy cavalier The fuses inside the car are fine the blinkers don't come on in the car?

The fuse for the blinker of a 96 Cavalier should be in the fuse box inside of the car. A more likely cause would be the flasher, located under the drivers side of the dash.

Why would blinkers only work sometimes 96 mustangHaz Lights work. what should i check?

I sprayed WD-40 on the steering column on the blinker and flasher holes on a 85 Sentra and they have worked ever since.

What would cause the blinkers to work intermittently on a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire and when you turn on the headlights they stop working?

Is your headlight switch and blinker switch the same? If so, this is called the combination switch. Sounds like it is bad and needs to be replaced. Not uncommon for these to break.

85 Chevy blinker stays lit but not flashing any suggestions?

The first thing I would do is replace the flasher. The flasher is what controls the on / off of your blinkers, giving you the blink blink. If that doesn't work, it sounds like your turn signal switch is going bad. GOOD LUCK

What would make the blinkers not work but the hazards still do?

chances are your flasher for the blinkers OS bad,the flasher for the hazzards are usually on different circits for emergency situations.

Why would the blinker be acting up when you put it on to turn the blinker wont flash on the outside or inside of the car and the flasher blinks double time outside lights work Could it be the flasher?

First of all let me say that most vehichles have 2 flashers, 1 for the hazzard lights and 1 for the blinkers. If you turn the blinker switch to either side and lights inside and out do not flash or light up then the most common problems are a blown fuse or the blinker switch itself could be bad. As for the hazzards blinking double time, it is possible the flasher could be going bad. One other possibility, autos that have had trailor light hookups installed have been found with bad grounds and/or wires that have rubbed into causing tail,blinker and stop lights not to work correctly

How do you change the daytime running lights on a 99 firebird?

You have to undo a few bolts under the front scoop to access these, and they are a real pain in the butt. I had cracks in my blinkers lights so when it rained it would blow them out, so I replaced them with LED, not as bright but don't have to worry about them ever blowing out again, only problem was it then wouldn't blink because there was not enough current draw from the LED to make the thermal switch in the blinker relay activate, so, i spent $10 on an electronic relay from kragens that plugged into the same spot as my blinker relay, it works great --- to find where your blinker relay is simply turn on your blinker and go under your dash and find the one making the click click noise

Why would your blinkers not work after the brake pads were changed?

it may have nothing to do with your brake pads on my car the blinkers stoped working they still came on but they stoped blinking and i just had to repace the bulbs

Why would Front blinkers not work back blinkers do all fuses and bulbs are good what else to check?

try the turn signal switch, the connector on it, the connections to the signal lights, the wiring, etc. On some vehicles, the turn signal switch controls front and back blinkers separately

What is wrong with a 2001 Nissan Xterra if the blinkers stopped working and the flashers still work?

I believe the flashers are on a separate fuse than the blinkers, that is where I would first start to look, is the fuse box

Blinkers quit on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee - what fuse would this be None marked for blinkersdirectionals Could this also be the blinker switch in steering column?

mine is doing the same thing. sort of sporadic, then gradually not working at all. the small box responsible for the charge is nearly impossible to remove on your own... ANY SUGGESTIONS????

What is something that rhymes with weaker?

seeker, meeker, blinker, and I would say tinker.

Why would blinkers on a 1986 Monte Carlo fail?

the wiring is probally defected or the light is burned out

Your blinkers flash fast when the headlights are on but work fine when they are off what would cause this?

Not sure what Kind of car this is, but usually if the blinkers run fast it's because you have a bulb burnt out. I'd check your tailights first.

Can installing a radio affect the hazard lights and blinkers?

It shouldn't, if it is installed correctly. If I were you I would consult with a professional.

Why does my car make weird blinker like noises even when my blinkers is not on?

This may sound weird but check your wiper switch. I had the same thing happen in my toyota, the intermittent wipers quit working but the relay would still click like blinkers do, after searching all around I bumped the wiper switch by accident and the noise quit. Living in Nevada I use the wipers about once a year so I never noticed that the intermittent part had quit. If that is not it is is still some relay clicking on and off so track down the noise and find out what it contriols.

Does a 1977 Honda xl125 need a battery to run?

Well, that depends on whether you still have the lights and blinkers, ect. If there are not lights, blinkers, brake lights, or horn, then you do not need a battery to run this bike. If you do have these items, then you would need a battery

How do you replace a rear blinker bulb on a 2004 Buick?

It would depend on what model of Buick you are referring to.

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