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Either find another person with GOOD credit to co-sign for you OR go to a BHPH (tote-a-note) lot.

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Q: How would you get a loan if you are a minor and both of your parents have bad credit?
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What does a judge look for when in a custody battle?

emotional bond minor child has with both parents financial stability of both parents normally a child would be left in the environment most familiar to them

Can you adopt your minor sibling if both parents die?


Can a 19 year old marry a minor?

you are allowed with parents concent and the minor must be at least 16 (both parents concent) but it is still illegal to have S#@ with a minor

Can your girlfriend move in with you and your parents at 17 in Illinois without her parents consent if your parents say it ok?

In accordance to Illinois law, no. As a 17-year-old, she would still be considered a minor, and couldn't move in with you without the consent of both her parents and yours (This is assuming you are a minor as well. If not, only her parents's consent is needed).

Don't both parents have an obligation to financially support their child?

Yes. Both parents are legally responsible for he support of their minor child[ren].

Can a 16 year old minor move across country to live with her boyfriend's parents if both her parents and his parents agree to the situation?

I am afrade so. If both sets of parents agree, yes.

Do you have to have consent from both parents to house a minor?

Yes. if the custodial parent can not take care of the minor the non-custodial have first dibs.

How can a minor move out with parental consent would the parent need to sign a release waver or sign gaurdianship to the adult they are moving in with?

yes you would need to get both of the parents signatures !

How does a 16-year-old Canadian girl marry an American?

== == You can't. At age 16 you are considered a MINOR in both Canada and the USA, and you would have to have the written permission of BOTH of your Parents, and that permission would have also be NOTARIZED by a lawyer.

Can you get married when you are 16 and pregnant?

If BOTH parents consent (in writing) to the court then the minor CAN get married.

What documents are needed for an unaccompanied minor to enter Germany?

You need a notarized note from both parents to consent the unaccompanied minor for travel. Without one, the minor will be denied entry.

Can minor marry an adult if they are 16 if they have their parents consent in Louisiana?

Yes, when you are 16-18 the presence and signatures of both parents are required.

Who gets a minor child if both her parents are locked up?

Cps or the state or family members

If both parents of a minor child are unstable can a family member who lives out of state request for guardianship of the minor child?

Yes, through a motion to the court in the jurisdiction of the child's residence. It will be up to the judge to determine if this would be in the best interest of the child.

Both parents a type what would siblings be?

If both of your parents have Type A blood, the blood of you and your siblings can be A or O.

Are both parents signatures required for minors to get married in the state of Mississippi if parents are divorced?

If the minors are under 17, they must have both parents. If they are over 17 but not over 21, they just need the signature of the parent with Custoday over the minor.

Can a minor be married with only the consent of the custodial parent?

It does depend on a lot of things, where you are, how old you are, whether you have any children etc. If your custodial parents are your legal guardians then their consent should be taken as parents would be, but to determine the law more information would need to be provided. Yes if the consenting parent is the one who holds full legal custody of the minor who wishes to marry. If his or her parents hold any form of joint custody then both parents must consent to the marriage.

If you are almost 17 can you move into your grandparents' home if you have permission from your father but your mother will not agree to the move?

If both parents have custody then both parents must agree to any action taken by their minor child. However, this would most likely be treated as a family matter rather than a legal issue.

Can a minor get married without the consent of one parent but with the consent of the other?

In the case of the marriage of a minor, both parents must attend in person and sign their consent if the parents are married. If the parents are not married only one parent has sole custody that parent must attend in person and sign their consent. In the case of joint legal custody both must consent.

In the state of Tennessee when a minor applies for a marriage certificate do both parents have to be there or just one?

what you are asking is if both parents have to sign or not. Call your county courthouse and ask them. If both have to sign, you can pick up the form and take it home. If you are pregnant and 16 (the person who asked the other question)_ and only one of your parents will sign, then if TN requires both parents to sign, your Mom could sign your Dad's name, because it's unlikely that your Dad would sue your Mom in a lawsuit for signing his name.

Can A Minor Apply Individually For Passport?

What exactly do you mean by "individually"? Assuming you're asking about a US passport: Minors are required to have their own individual passports, but a minor must apply in person with both parents/guardians; they can't get a passport without both parents knowing about it and approving of it.

How can a sixteen-year-old girl in Oklahoma emancipate herself from both parents?

The legal definition of a emancipation of a minor is the ability of said minor to live independently of adult involvement which would include both parents whether or not they reside in the same household. The state of Oklahoma does not have grounds nor procedure for the emancipation of a minor. The court does have the means to grant confirmation of majority rights, which allows a minor to enter into legal contracts. This generally refers to a minor who is in the entertainment industry or something similar. However this action is seldom granted, usually in such cases the court will appoint a conservator, rather than an age majority decree.

Can a pregnant minor live with the baby's father?

A minor can only be allowed to move with parental consent after a certain age. Pregnancy makes no difference. A minor is also not allowed to have sex (even if she's already pregnant) so moving in with the boyfriend would clearly increase the risk for that so that would not be appropriate. You are not even allowed to see your boyfriend, or him you, without the consent of both your parents. He is allowed to see the baby once it's born but seeing you is up to your parents just like it's up to his if he's a minor and you want to see him.

Is it illegal for a 17 year old to get a 13 year old pregnant in the state of Ohio they were both willing there parents have been friends for many years and parents trust both of them?

No, it is not illegal. The 17 year old is him or herself a minor and therefore not in violation of laws which would prohibit adults from engaging in sex with minors.

Wife signs Admission to the Hospital for responsibility for bill for son. is husbond also responsible?

Generally, if the son is a minor both parents are responsible. If the son is not a minor the person who signed is responsible.