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you will know if the guy you are with loves you if he respects you, treats you for who you are, and if he can see himself in a future with you.


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He will start to ignore you, avoid you then after awhile he will ask you out.

* The only way you are going to know if a person loves you is to date them and get to know each other until they decide to tell you if they love you or not.

if he would rather spend time with you than his friends, he really loves you and if he has that twinkle in his eye when he tells you he loves you then he means it

He will risk EVERYTHING for you.

You kiss him...Then you find out!

it rlly all depends on the type of guy

When he tells you he loves you and shows it. Don't believe them all...

In order to know if someone loves you especially a guy they would be competely genuine with it. If he looks into your eyes. Listen to you but before you can love him back and before you know if he loves you back. You guys have to be bestfriends like as in friends not just someone you met. Love is patient and kind you would know if he really loves you. There would be signs to show if hes caring or not.

If a guy loves you he'll talk and look at you and say hi well this is more for crushes not dating

I would say no. If he truly loves you he would want to be with you whenever he can.

Find a better guy. If he isn't willing to admit he loves you, he isn't worth your time.

get to know him,hang out a guy loves a girl who he understands

I would say "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen because its about a girl who loves a guy, gives him her number but she isn't sure if he will call her or not (and would let her know if he likes her back).

If he prances about gayly and watches gay porn!

if he calls you everyday and belive in that guy and if he kisses you alot he loves you

If you are in love with a guy, the way to tell if he loves you back is how he treats you and the things he says. If he makes you feel important and cares for you then he probably loves you back.

If a guy loves you he will normally let you know in his own time.

If you're married then it really shouldn't matter. If your husband loves you then that should be enough. Who cares if the other guy likes you?

You know that he can't. No Guy who has never met you can love you truly.

If he loves you, you'll know. He'll treat you with respect, trust, and everything you've ever wanted in a guy.

actually you would be surprised because i believe there is a few songs about it

nice guy, a really really nice guy everyone loves him you know

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