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How would you make a cell phone microscope-?

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There is not a way to make a cell phone microscope. A cell phone is for talking.

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How would you make a cell phone microscope?

You cannot make a cell phone microscope. A cell phone is for talking and to text.

What cell part would make a plant cell easier to see under a microscope versus an animal cell?

the easiest way to tell under a microscope is by the cell walls.

How do you know that the onion cell is an eukaryote?

If you look under a microscope, you would see a nucleus in each cell. That will make these plants an Eukaryote.

How do you make a cell phone call from an American cell phone to an Irish cell phone?

You could do it with any phone but unless the phone has a plan for international calling you may end up paying a lot of money depending on how long you stay on the phone. It would be best to make sure that the phone has an international calling plan.

What material would be most durable for a cell phone cover?

Rubber is a great material to make sure that the cell phone cover is made out of.

What does wi-fi do for cell phone?

wi fi does for a cell phone it make you go on internet to get what you need for your cell phone.

How can you detect cell phone jammer and how can you protect the cell phone from it?

Cell phone can't be protected from jamming. The only thing you can do is to make the connection between cell phone and cell phone tower as strong as you can by keeping cell phone fully charged and as close to the cell tower.

How do you make videos on a cell phone?

It depends on what phone it is.

The advantages of the cell Phone?

If you have a cell phone then they can make calls from many more places.

How would I make a gift out of a month's cell phone service?

You can call their cell phone company and have them bill their next bill with your credit card. The easiest way to do this would either be online or with customer service.

How do you make your cell phone number unavailable?

its easy actually all you hav to do is get a new cell phone so you can get another cell phone number

What would Chromatin represent in a city?

It a eukaryotic cell were a city, the chromatin would make up the telephone lines. Chromatin transmits the DNA to the cell just as phone lines transmit calls to one's phone.

Is the Rumor cell phone a good phone How many stars would you give it?

bad phone good thing they dont make them anymore ive had 3

What do you need to make a cell phone?

you need plastic to make a cell phone you also need electricity and many other tools.

Why do cell phone holsters have magnets?

I would guess to make them have more problems to make you pay more money to the company,since if you looked it up,Magnets interfere with cell phone batteries,Signal force,and Laptops...........

What does make mean and what does model mean?

If we were talking about jeans, make would be Levi's and model would be 501. For a cell phone, Apple would be the make, and IPhone 4 or 5 would be the model.

Is there a free cell phone for low-income families?

Many of the well known and popular cell phone carriers would be willing to provide you with a free cell phone. However, in order to get the cell phone, you must sign a contract, so make sure that it's a company that you really like and trust first.

What is a cell phone locator?

A cell phone locator is a way to access your phone from a computer and, if the cell phone still has battery life you can turn your phone on and make it beep so that you may locate your phone.

What did people not know about cells before the invention of the microscope?

people was not able to make an microscope then did get there body in shape to know what cell r

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