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Identify the neutral wire on the generator. This will be the unused conductor to run the compressor. The ground and line1, line 2 are all that are needed.


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Check the MFG for the amps it uses, if it is suppose to be on a regular 20amp line, then replace the breaker with a 20amp breaker. With the 30amp breaker,it will work, but if there is a surge, you could send too much power to the appliance and fry it. Most refrigerators, are just on a regular 120v household outlet. Besides a 30amp breaker must have 10ga wire, if the wire is 12ga,it can not be attached to a 30amp breaker.

Yes, you plug a 20 amp device into a 30 amp circuit. The circuit always needs to be equal or greater than the device. If you plug to large of an appliance into a circuit, the circuit breaker (or fuse) should open the circuit so that no damage occurs.

No, the fuse must be rated lower. If a 30amp fuse is used on a circuit rated as 20amp, the cables would heat in the case of a short, before the fuse would blow and switch off the circuit - leaving a fire hazard.

Assuming you are referring to the power supply failing in your 20A device, it could cause the 30A breaker protecting the receptacle to trip. It depends on the mode of failure. It is easy to imagine a condition where a short in the power supply could cause a current in excess of 30A to flow to the device and trip the breaker.

The blower has a separate 30amp strip fuse that may be blown. Its located in its own little plastic box under the hood. Or the blower motor may be burned out.

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under your hood, just in front of the driver, is a fuse box, open it, look at the bolt pattern holding the fuse box down, the first screw to your left (in front ), it will be the 2nd fuse from the screw, 30amp fuse. Hope this helps good luck to all

Generally speaking--zero. 30amp circuits are usually for special use, dedicated, one appliance circuits. Normal outlets in U.S. are not rated for 30 amps. Normal outlets on a 30amp circuit would be a fire hazard.

I use a 30amp buss type fuse and it works great.

The National Electric Code specifies allowed wire sizes for a wide variety of situations. Local jurisdictions adopt various editions of the NEC to apply to local permits. The rules are designed to keep you and your family safe as possible and create uniform standards that all electricians are required to follow. Section 240.4(D) of the National Electric Code is where you will find the requirements for protection of small conductors.

I don't have the wiring diagram available but if you're wondering which fuse does what I can help. I'll list them in the order that they are in the box, from 1 - 28 and this is taken directly from a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owners Manual. In addition to the fuse box which is located on the far passenger side of the dash and accessible with the passenger door open, there is also a Power Distribution Center located under the hood near the battery. This contains main engine Maxi Fuses and some relays and should have a sticker under the lid describing what each fuse does. Some of these fuses are available only from the dealer. 1. 20amp Trailer Tow Relay 2. 15amp Brake Lights 3. 20amp Hazard Warning Lights 4. 15amp Security Light 5. 15amp Interior Lights 6. 15amp Security Alarm Module 7. 15amp Security Alarm Relay, Security Alarm Module, Flash to Pass 8. 15amp Overhead Console, Keyless Entry, Radio Memory/Clock Memory,Chime Module, Power Locks, Power Mirrors, HEVAC and VIC 9. 20amp Rear Wiper 10. 10amp Radio 11. 15amp Cigar Lighter 12. 15amp Parking Lights Auto Headlights 13. 20amp Horn Relay 14. 20amp Power Lock Relays 15. 3amp ABS Module and Relay 16. 20amp Turn Signals 17. 7.5amp Heater and AC Module 18.15amp Airbag Module 19. 15amp Interior Mirror, Auto Headlights, Overhead Console, VIC/GDM Module, Heater Rear Window Relay Coil, Illuminated Entry Relay, Chime Module 20. 10amp Heated Rear Window Switch, Overdrive Switch, Speed Control 21. 15amp Security Alarm Module, Lamp Outage Module 22. 15amp Airbag Module, Tachometer, Speedometer, Telltales and Guages 23. 15amp Heated Mirror Feed, Heated Rear Window Switch 24. 7.5amp Intrument Panel Illumination 25. 30amp Circuit Breaker Power Seats 26. 30amp Circuit Breaker Power Windows, Power Sunroof 27. 10amp Circuit Breaker Security Alarm Module, Front Wipers 28. 30amp Heated Rear Window Relay

you have a short somewhere on that circuit. you need to find it and repair it.

try f29 30amp fuse behind the glove box compartment

10 gauge but that's the max the wire is rated at and that is NMD90 or loomex

no, load will brake at 30 not 15 as needed

120v/12v 30amp power supply comes to mind.

In the truck drivers side the first fuse 30amp ( color green)

The window fuse is a 30amp behind the coin holder driver's side dash board.

In Europe we would like to see that on 6mm square conductors

3600 watts when part of a 120 v circuit. Multiply voltage times the amperage to get watts.

you will need 1-15 amp circuit 120 volts with 14 guage romex wire for lights / you will need 1- 20 amp circuit with 12/2 romex going to receptacle that microwave will plug into in Virginia this has to be a dedicated circuit meaning nothing else but microwave can be plugged into this receptacle. the same rules apply also to the washer and the refrigerator as the microwave. the t.v. also should have 1-20amp receptacle to plug in to but this doesn't have to be a dedicated circuit and other items can be plugged into this receptacle such as vcr's lamps etc. you did not say whether you were planning on having a 120 volt air conditioner or a 230 volt a/c but either way you will need a dedicated circuit with either 1-20amp receptacle using 12/3 romex wire or 1-30amp receptacle using 10/2 romex wire. be sure to match your breaker size to your wire size 14/2 wire size = 15amp breaker 12/2 wire size = 20amp breaker and 10/2 wire size = 30amp breaker. so if this is a new install you will need a total of 6 new breakers i can not give you the wattage or power consumption for anything but the lights which will pull about 500 watts if all on at the same time pulling about 4.3amps

No. # 12 wire is rated at 20 amps. You need #10 wire for 30 amps.

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