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Identify the neutral wire on the generator. This will be the unused conductor to run the compressor. The ground and line1, line 2 are all that are needed.

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Q: How would you make a patch cord to go from a 220V 30-amp 4-wire generator to run a 220V 20-amp 3-wire portable compressor?
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Check the MFG for the amps it uses, if it is suppose to be on a regular 20amp line, then replace the breaker with a 20amp breaker. With the 30amp breaker,it will work, but if there is a surge, you could send too much power to the appliance and fry it. Most refrigerators, are just on a regular 120v household outlet. Besides a 30amp breaker must have 10ga wire, if the wire is 12ga,it can not be attached to a 30amp breaker.

Can you plug a 20amp device into a 30amp circuit?

Yes, you plug a 20 amp device into a 30 amp circuit. The circuit always needs to be equal or greater than the device. If you plug to large of an appliance into a circuit, the circuit breaker (or fuse) should open the circuit so that no damage occurs.

Is it advisable to use a 30 A fuse in circuit that is rated to carry only 20 A?

No, the fuse must be rated lower. If a 30amp fuse is used on a circuit rated as 20amp, the cables would heat in the case of a short, before the fuse would blow and switch off the circuit - leaving a fire hazard.

What size wire for 30amp breaker?

AWG # 10

What gauge wire do you need for 220V 30amp?

10 AWG.

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10 AWG

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10 gauge

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Can a 20 amp fuse be used instead of a 30amp fuse in a furnace?

yes but its not recomended

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