How would you organize a bathroom?

There are a few details you need to think about before you start organizing your bathroom. How big is your bathroom? What do you have inside as far as furniture? These answers will help you to figure out what you need and what you can use in your bathroom.

Now for the organizing:

  1. Start by cleaning out the bathroom. Get rid of excess items like extra soaps, throw away garbage, empty bottles, rusty shavers, used toilet paper rolls, etc.
  2. If you want to install any new items, measure and plan the layout.
  3. In bigger bathrooms you can use various forms of cabinetry such as vanities, medicine cabinets, and attractive laundry hampers.
  4. Smaller bathrooms should utilize space-conscious elements such as above-sink and toilet units, towel racks, decorative glass shelves for the walls, and hooks, all of which can be fashionable and utilitarian.
  5. Shower caddies can help organize the space within the shower and tub. Place shampoo bottles, body soap, loufa, scrub brushes etc. into one convenient location.

You can get loads of helpful organizational tools online. It may seem like a big project at the onset, but an organized bathroom won't take long and is worth the effort.