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Q: How would you overcome cultural filters when teaching a class on the US presidential election?
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Cultural considerations when teaching math?

There are some cultural considerations that should be made when teaching math's. When giving illustrations, it should not be discriminatory or seem to belittle any culture.

Are there requirements for home-schoolers to ensure the teaching of cultural diversity?


What are 2 examples of cultural exchange?

1.Trade 2.teaching

Explain the cultural dimension of learning teaching and educational processes in tagalog?

omor ka

What role should school play in teaching students values and strategies to help them overcome these challenges?


What is the cultural significance of Harry Potter?

The cultural significance of Harry Potter is teaching kids that people with out noses are evil and that it is ok to have sexual intercourse with your mates sister.

What activity is the best cultural diffusion?

Cultural diffusion is spreading different cultural beliefs and social activities from one culture to another. The best methods for increasing cultural diffusion are the increases in technology and therefore communication and travel. An activity that is an excellent source of cultural diffusion is teaching different languages at school.

How did countries overcome their metric system problems?

They overcame their problems by teaching every kid and teacher. Also kids in colledge.

Native Americans teaching English settlers how to grow local foods is an example of?

cultural exchange. (: -wolfie <3

What can learners do to overcome failure in universities?

Grow up a bit and and start back. Failure is not always a bad thing. It is a teaching tool.

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What national party does James Carville endorse?

James Carville is known for helping Bill Clinton win the presidential election in 1992. He is a supporter of the Democratic Party. James Carville has spent a great deal of his career working on other political campaigns. Currently, you can find James Carville teaching political science at Tulane University.

What was Barack Obama before he was president?

He lived in Chicago, where he was a college professor, teaching law, as well as a civil rights attorney; then in 1996, he ran for office and won his first election-- to the Illinois state senate. He was re-elected several more times, before running for the US senate in 2004 and winning. After that, he launched his presidential campaign in 2007.

What is cultural specialties?

This is the ability to master any profession or any career you choose to go into. For example assuming you choose to be a teacher you must be able to master the skills in teaching. you must undergo a training in the educational field, to master the content, skills, ethics in the teaching profession in other to specialize in the teaching career.

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What does Uchendu teach Okonkwo?

Uchendu's greatest contribution is teaching Okonkwo to not let his despair overcome him. He shows the meaning of motherland, his own suffering, and how he has continued to prosper despite his own suffering.

What subjects are needed for montessori teaching?

There are 5 subjects1- Practical life2-Sensorial3-Math4-Language5-Cultural studiesCultural studies consists of Fine artsPhysical and social geographyHistory and the concept of timeandScience