How would you pick your hockey stick?

First of all you would want to choose between either wood or composite. Theres a positive for both, wood being cheaper but easier to break, and composite being more expensive but more durable. After choosing which type you need to choose a brand with a price some where in your range. If you choose a composite stick, you need to pick a flex, which is how much the stick bends when you put weight on it. This all depends on height, weight, age, and personal preference. Theres also grip sticks and non grip sticks, all personal preference again. Finally either wood or composite you need to choose the curve which is probably the most important. Each brand has a different selection of curves but all are comparable. Theres lie, the type of curve, and the measure of depth. If its your first time playing or buying a stick your best bet is to go to a pro shop or hockey store and have a person working there help you out.