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How would you remove the stockk stereo from your 260E Mercedes Benz?


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Take it to a Mercedes Benz shop and have them do it. The stereo wiring on these things is all convoluted and varies from car to car even in the same model year (dealer stereo upgrades etc), a mechanic can trace the wires and install it for $40. It is money well spent. Avoid the $1 wirefire install places though, they will butcher it all to hell! Buy your new stereo and take it to the shop, in life we must choose our battles and this is one battle not worth taking on yourself! On that note, to get the stereo out of my 300E at least, involves opening the center storage console and removing a couple of screws. Then you lift off the wooden piece around the shifter knob and window controls (you may need to pop off some of the little knobs) then you pop out the ash tray (don't remove the ash tray until now) and you you can get in there and push the stereo free. If I remember there was some little trick in there as well, but I forget what it was exactly. Once it is out, you have your Becker Audio stereo there in your hands. If you bought your replacement stereo from Crutchfield they will send you wonderful directions tailored to your car, except of course it seems every other Mercedes is wired unlike the others.


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You can easily remove your old car stereo without taking help of a car stereo expert. However, you need to follow some steps and need some tools to remove your old car stereo. You can save your money by following the steps for removing your car stereo otherwise you have to pay more money to the professional car stereo installer.Here are some steps to remove the car stereo safely.First of all, Read the user manual of the car where you can find some tips to remove the car stereo. You may find a diagram of stereo wiring, so it would be more help to you.To remove your car stereo safely, please disconnect the battery to avoid electrical short during working with wires of car stereo.To remove your car stereo from the dashboard use screwdrivers to remove the screw, which is holding car stereo. Furthermore, check that your car stereo connected with dashboard using spring or clips and others.Remove dash panels and take out the bolts and screw which hold car stereo. Now pull out your car stereo.Now you can see there are some wires, which are connected on the back of the car stereo. A wiring of car stereo is protected with clip. You should pull out the wire straight out.For more information about remove old car stereo and want to new car stereo installation, please feel free to visit this blog

Remove the from dash panel over the stereo. The whole things snaps off from over the stereo to over the stearing column. Once you remove that, look on both sides of the stereo and you will see 4 screws, remove those, pull out the stereo and unplug it. Ohh, it is really helpful to unplug the lighter, ashtray and defroster, you will see that when you start taking the panel off. Pretty easy, now, if you can help me out with the stereo color codes, that would be sweet, lol.

You have to remove the dash and cowling underhood to remove the heater case. Then you would need to disassemble the heater case.

No you don't have to remove the dash, there are four little holes on the face of the factory stereo which require a removal tool this tool can be purchased at the Ford dealer for a resonable price, after you insert the tools (one on each side) than you will be able to pull the stereo out.

The vehicle should've come with a set of key-like items that you would put on top of and below the stereo and simply pull it out. These might be found in the glove box, if not it might be best to go to your nearest stereo store, car stereo warehouse, best buy etc.

hey man, ive got a 2006 zx3 that i recently had to remove the radio from and its really simple. first, remove the grave paneling around the stereo and HVAC knobs. this will expose the radio. it would help to unplug the cig lighter and hvac knobs if you're doing a lot of work there or just wiggle around it. lastly, the stereo is held on the car by four screws. i think you need a 8mm socket wrench to remove them. that's it. goodluck

That would be where you connect anything with a STEREO AUDIO OUTPUT.

There are four small holes in the front of the stereo (2 on each side) you are going to need a VW/Audi stereo removal tool... Its just something you stick in and it lets the stereo slides right out. You could buy one but i would probably just go to Car-Toys or Best-Buy or an Audi dealership and ask them to do it for you or ask to borrow their tool

I would advise you to check out the Previa site on yahoo. It is an excellent site. Check this site it out , it helped a lot.

Remove the entire dashboard assembly Quite the job, probably would not recommend for do-it-yourselfers

It will have to reset automatically. You would first need to obtain the code for the restart process. Im guessing you dont have it. Call--1800-mercedes

Any vehicle sounds good with a stereo system.

i would go to best buy or call the company that manufactured/sold you the stereo

No, the car would be called a "Mercedes Benz" - 'bent' would mean that it had been in an accident.

Between the hazard and defroster switch is a plastic piece that you can pop out with a flat headed screwdriver. Remove the one phillips head screw that is located behind it. After that you can use a panel remover tool or a flat headed screwdriver and gently pry the stereo bezel out from the retainer clips holding it on. After that is removed there are four screws, two on each side. Once you remove these the stereo will pull out. There are connectors for the stereo harness and antenna on the back. Pull the connectors out from the back of the stereo. Do not cut the stereo harness because you can purchase stereo harness adapters at stores like Walmart and Best Buy usually for less than $10. Keep the metal brackets that are on the sides of the factory stereo because you can use them to install your new stereo. I would recommend a nice double din dvd or navigation capable unit. The metal brackets from the old stereo will work nicely in helping you install your new stereo and you shouldn't need to buy a separate install kit, unless you go with a more affordable single din unit.

I have a 2000 Sportage, but it should be pretty much the same: pull out the ashtray (push on the metal part that one would stub the cigarette out on, and it should pop out). There are screws under the ashtray location which will release the part of the dashboard that you need to remove in order to get at the stereo. Gently pull out the stereo and unplug the wires in back which are connecting it to your car. I hope you know how to replace the stereo, because not all stereo wires match in order for you to reinstall, and you might end up having to take it to a professional car audio shop anyway.

It depends on whether or not the escort is a hatch back and how much you are willing to spend putting this stereo in it.

On my 1984 190E, it is simple - there are a couple of tabs at the bottom of the back seat (where your heels would be if you were sittng), you have to look, the seat will pull right out!

Diver side rear axle. You will have to remove the black cover to access it and would need torx screwdriver and phillip screw driver as well.

The ignition switchon my C230 1997 mercedez Benz its locked the key does not turn so i would like to know how to fix it

You shouldn't need a password to actually disconnect the stereo. Most likely the password is keeping it simply from operating. Pull the stereo head and see if it has a reset switch on the back or if it has a small watch battery somewhere in it. Other than that, you'll have to replace the whole thing, which I would recommend. There are some very nice single DINN stereos for decent prices

It is unlikely that the car stereo would be able to process and read the mp3 files or file type that would be burned onto the DVD-r. If the car stereo DVD audio and video capabilities, it would be able to read the DVD-r, but without those capabilities, it is unlikely it would play.

It would depend on what system is fitted

If you had a stereo installed it's possible that one of the rods became bent during install. Only way to check is to remove the dash. Not that hard actually.

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