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How would you remove the water pump from a Subaru legacy 1991?

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June 15, 2007 1:27AM

Pull all three of the belts off the motor, the center pully has to come off to get to the shield covering the timing belt. The bolt that holds the center pully turns the engine when you try to simply unscrew it.Itook it off with a breaker bar and a rubber malletusing shock force. The Timing Belt has to come off because the water pump rides on it. Be sure to mark where your timing belt is so that it can go back exactly as you found it.I marked both outer pullies and the center drive sproket with a line of paint on the belt and the pully. Look for anOFF CENTER PULLYand loosen that bolt so that the pully can SLIDEand that is how you loosen the timing belt. The water pump is located at the base of the engine where a large hose connects it to the radiator, which i pulled along with the fans tomake room.Two pullies are in the way ofsome bolts that hold the water pump on. There are six bolts holding the water pump in. You should expect to replaceclamps. Factory clamps don't seem to hold up well after 16 or so years. You might as well replace thermostat since it comes off with the pump.Make sure you scrape the old gasket off completely. I used red gasket maker on the new pump to hold the gasket to it as i installed it. Make sure you pull the pump up flat alternating tightening of the bolts back and forth up and down until tight. After that put it all back together and pray. i started my engine before inserting the anti freeze to check the timing. figured why waste the antifreeze if i messed up the engine. i figure 10 seconds without coolant won't hurt the engine. Car is running fine with no leaks.I think 8mm,10mm,12mm, and 14mm sockets and wrenches, a scraper,gasket maker, breaker bar and mallet are all you need as far as tools. good luck to you.