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If you go to it will tell you how to replace the mirror glass for the outside mirror. You can buy one there too.

The outside mirror is just glued on , some parts stores sell replacement glass and you can glue the new one on

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Q: How would you replace the mirror glass of a 1993 Ford Taurus outside rearview mirror?
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How much does is cost to replace a rearview mirror on a Ford Fusion?

It should not cost a lot to replace a rear view mirror. Usually replacements can be bought with glue, these can run from $30-$70.

Why did your 2000 acura 3.2TL rear view mirror get cloudy?

The auto dimming rearview mirror contains chemicals that have either leaked out or deteriorated over time. You will have to replace the mirror.

Why is my Corvette chromatic rearview mirror blurred?

This is a common problem on these auto dimming mirrors. The fluid that is in the mirror leaks and causes a blur. They are expensive to replace and often times people replace them with a regular, non dimming mirror.

How does one replace a rear view mirror on a 1996 Infiniti I30?

You can replace a rearview mirror, on your 1996 Infiniti, by removing the old mirror with a scraper. Apply the glue to the cleaned surface. Hold the new mirror in place until the glue dries.

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how to replace passengerside outside mirror

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How do you replace the inside rearview mirror on a Jeep Wrangler Sahara?

To replace just the mirror, loosen the screw (hex or phillips) and slide the mounting bracket up and off the part attached to the windshield. Slide the replacement mirror on and tighten.

When was the rearview mirror invented?

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