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Firstly, all areas are important. While the tropics have the most biodiversity, there are different types of organisms in each biome and all contribute to global biodiversity. They each promote ecosystem sustainability and balance nature


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Biodiversity is important to human society because it is a natural resource. It is also important because it provides food and goods and it also provides medicines.

Biodiversity is important to each biome because it gives each species an important role. It also produces more variety.

temperate Deciduous Forest are important because it is homes to millions of animals. the temperate decidcuos forest is home to more animals than any other biome. and because the deciduous forests are important to the earth atmosphere

because animals live there

rhinos are important to biodiversity because they play a role in the ecosystem and at this point in time they are endangered,and we might be close to losing this species

Biodiversity is important to human society because it helps us learn to live with our brothers. Human beings also learn something totally different from the other culture.

The tropical rain forest has a larger biodiversity. It usually has a really rich and varied understory with a lot of plants and animals. The soil is higher in nutrients than in the temperate forest. The temperate forest has seasons and less rainfall. The trees in the temperate forest loose their leaves in the cold season. Because the rainforest is warm all year around the trees don't lose there leaves.

it is important because it will preserve our natural resources

biodiversity is important to the field of medicine because some medicine comes from nature it is the varitey of life in ecosystem it provides people with many useful things

In the Philippines there are a laws in our biodiversty because environmet is important to us

the reason biodiversity in the rain forest is important because there is a chain reaction in the food chain creating a worry for extinction if we don't be careful we will lose hundreds of animals forever

it is a natural resource, provides medicines, and because it provides foods and goods

it is important because it provides that information which is not available in any other financial statement.

The reason that the top of a tall mountain in a temperate (not temperature) forest resembles a tundra of taiga because of the extreme cold, snow, ice and lack of biodiversity above the treeline that can be found there.

*Biodiversity is Important to humans because humans need food to survive. with out it food might not be available. * It is increased by biodiversity, therefore it equals a stable environment . * It is also important for us to have good human health, medicines , food, finding infections in the body, shelter and pro-productions , by having in genetic health. 😌

we need to care for biodiversity because we live in it.

Because the sustainability in plants care for the biodiversity.

Because biodiversity may be an important part of the ecosystem and is an important goal of basic humanity.

Biodiversity is important to all people because it provides us with food, clean air, medicines, some provide water, and many other things.

Biodiversity should be preserved for many reasons, because you need biodiversity to funk biachs

they are important because they help animals to maintain the grass in the area

because then biodiversity stays green and helps the animals

Overexploitation is a threat to biodiversity because the overexploitation of a species can be a threat to biodiversity due to the exploitationess of the species.

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