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take tranny apart and replace 5th gear syncro

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Is a spindle for a 99 Honda Accord the same for a 96 Honda Accord?

The 1996 is a fifth-generation Accord and the 1999 is a sixth generation Accord. The spindles are not interchangeable. Know that the passenger-side and driver-side spindles are different.

What would cause a 1989 Honda Accord lxi 5 speed transmission to not go in fifth gear?

1988 accord will not go into 5 gear

Where is the coil wire on a Honda accord 94?

there are four spark plug wires that run to the distributor..the fifth one is the coil wire

What is a hatch on a 2013 Honda Accord?

This means that the Accord in question is a Hatchback, it has five doors, the hatch door is the fifth door opened at the back of the car. This is to access the storage space in the rear of the car.

What is differ in a 1994 and 1996 Honda Accord?

The 1994-96 is the fifth generation of the Honda Accord. The 1994 was only available with a 4 cylinder. You could also get a V6 in the 1996 model. The 1996 Accord underwent a mild facelift with more rounded bumpers, a slightly modified front fascia with new signal lights and rear taillights. It had an overall softer look. The 1996 model also was OBD2 compliant.

Why when you switch from fourth to fifth gear is grinds?

The grinding noise can be an indication of a bad gear in the transmission. The grinding noise can also indicate a problem with the clutch.

Will a 92 Honda engine fit a 97 Honda?

It depends on the Honda in question. If it is the Accord, the answer is yes, with the exception of the V6 chassis. Fourth Generation Accords came mostly equipped with the F series which is comparable with F series from the Fifth Generation in size. The only major difference in the US would be the change from OBD1 to OBD2.

Why does my 95 wrangler grind shifting into third and fifth now?

Possibly bad synchronizers.

How do you find a fifth of something?

You mentally divide by 10 (by shifting the comma) and then multiplicate the result by 2.

How many times has the Honda City been redesigned?

The Honda City has been redesigned five times. The Honda City currently on the market is the fifth generation of Honda Cities.

Why doesn't fifth gear in a 1988 Honda accord lx when all gears work just fine?

I would check the linkage on the unit. If the linkage is worn or damaged that could make it difficult or impossible to get the car into 5th gear even though the transmission is fine.

What causes a clunking sound while shifting gears in 1986 Chrysler fifth ave?

Probably your u joints or the rear end has too much slop.

why won't truck shift into reverse or fifth when running or shut off?

There can be many reason that will prevent a transmission from shifting into a particular gear. The most common reason is the transmission gear is worn smooth.

How many doors does a Honda hatchback have?

For a time Honda hatchback vehicles were only available in 3-door variants. The introduction of the Fit brought 5-door models into the lineup. The rear hatch classifies as the third door or fifth of the vehicle.

Where can one purchase a 92 Honda Civic?

The fifth generation of the Honda Civic was introduced in 1991 and the production was stopped in 2000. That's why one needs to look for a 1992 Honda Civic on the used car market. The car can either be bought online on websites like eBay or from a local used cars dealer.

What causes a transmission to not catch first third and fifth but catch second and third in a 97 Honda prelude five speed?

Damaged/broken shift forks

2004 Rubicon sometimes cannot get in to gears 1st-3rd and if it does shift it makes grinding noises but fourth and fifth gear are fine so what wrong?

Sounds like the synchros are failing. Usually a time consuming fix for a professional. Estimate about $1000.00 for a repair if that's the problem. Grinding in all but 4th and 5th is an indication of a bad input shaft bearing

What is the oil capacity for a Honda V65?

After oil/oil filter change, add four quarts and then check level as you add the fifth, 4 to 6 oz at a time.

For what years was the Civic EG produced?

The Civic EG is part of the fifth generation of Honda Civic. The series was first introduced in 1991, and the last of the series was produced in 1995.

Whats the gas mileage on a 2001 Honda nighthawk 750?

I have a 1998 Honda Nighthawk 750 that's all stock. I average 50-60 mpg and that's a mix of in town and highway driving. My bike gets about 70mpg at 40 to 45 mph in fifth.

How do you shift?

Shifting into first gear 1. Make sure the four-wheeler is in neutral.2. Hold the clutch in and shift down. 3. Give the four-wheeler some gas and slowly let go of the clutch.Shifting into second gear 1. When you hear the four-wheeler about to over-rev, let go of the gas and hold the clutch in. 2. This time you shift up a gear to get into second. 3. Slowly let go of the clutch and give it gas. Shifting into third, fourth and fifth gears 1. Shifting into the three gears is just like shifting into second. 2. Hold the clutch in, 3. Release the gas. 4. Shift up until you reach fifth gear.Stopping and shifting to neutral 1. When your stopping, hold the clutch in and press on the brake. 2. When your completely stopped, shift down as many times as you can 3. To make sure your in neutral, let go of the clutch 4. If the four-wheeler dies, you're not in neutral 5. If the four-wheeler stays running, you're in neutral If you're in neutral, turn the four-wheeler off

What is something divided by five equals?

A fifth of that something.A fifth of that something.A fifth of that something.A fifth of that something.

What is a fifth a fifth of?

Well, a fifth is one fifth of one, that's why it's called a fifth, it's divided into five. If your question was 'what is a fifth a tenth of?', then the answer would be two. What is a fifth a seventh of? 1.4, etc.

What is 1 fifth plus 1 fifth?

One fifth plus one fifth is two fifths (2/5).

How many liters in a fifth?

A "fifth" is one fifth of a gallon. One "fifth" is .757 liter.