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love is something special. A test out of Cosmo may answer some of your questions. Sex is not the only part of love. Love is looking into your boyfriends eyes and feeling intimacy with a kiss or just a touch and knowing that your lives together means more than just having sex. Ask yourself this question if he wasnt able to have sex would you still love him? and vis versa what if you could not have sex for some reason. Would he still love you?

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โˆ™ 2006-04-18 17:36:49
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Q: How would you test your boyfriend to find out if he's just after sex or really does love you?
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Were will you find a boyfriend?

well;. if i were you. i would just go randomly ask out some ugly guys or hott ones. it really wouldn't matter if you desperatly wanted a boyfriend.. && guys love it when you ask them outt!! (:

Could your boyfriend be insecure if he is always thinking you are unfaithful or is he really just cheating?

Red Flag to being in an abusive relationship. Especially if you have been faithful and you are constantly trying to prove it to your boyfriend while he is accusatory. Is he really would have to do the detective work to find that out.

How do i get a boyfriend-?

It's not really about getting a boyfriend, its about when you find the right person who you are attracted to and they are attracted to you and you develop strong feelings for each other. That should be the reason you get a boyfriend. Just be yourself and they will love you for you

What do you do when your boyfriend is not into you?

If you find that your boyfriend just doesn't seem interested anymore you really do not have to put up with that - leave him - you deserve to be treated better and be with someone that will respect you and treat you the way you would like to be treated as well as accept the affections you have to offer.

How does your boyfriend want you to dress?

I think that you should just be yourself and dress how you feel like your boyfriend would like. My boyfriend doesnt really care lol but dress how you feel like!

Can I get a boyfriend if I'm fat?

yes, you can. There are so many guys out there that would go out with you, you just have to find the right ones. if your really self concious about your weight and dont think your ready for boys yet, do something about it and get help, but if not, yes you can definetly get a boyfriend.

How does a 12 year old girl get boyfriend?

It can happen. My first boyfriend was when I was 9. You just gotta look around and wait. Find a guy you really like and flirt with him. Hang around his friend and just be you.

You are pretty how do you get a boyfriend?

Just be yourself. If he really digs you, he will like you for who you really are.

My boyfriend its realey fit and hes got pics on facebook of him and theres lots of girls saying they owne it hat do i do?

i would just talk to your boyfriend about it, and ask him to delete the comments? its not really a HUGE deal though, it just means they like it really.

Are you really in love with your boyfriend?

just because he is your boyfriend doesnt mean you automatically love him..

What do you say after you just told your boyfriend you love him and he loves you back?

I would kiss him. he would really enjoy that. that would be the thing to do. he then knows you really mean what you say. that is a great way to continue a relationship.

How do you safely flirt with a girl who has a boyfriend?

I would just be really polite, kind, and complementing when talking to her. Maybe she'll see you are the better choice, rather than her boyfriend...

You love your best friends boyfriend what should you do?

well i think it would be better to keep your friend than to lose her so i would just drop the boyfriend and find someone new

How do you get a boyfriend in 5mins?

A question like that interests me into whether you really and truly want a boyfriend who will stay with you and love you and be loyal to you or you want a boyfriend that won't really like you, always hurts your feelings and only uses you. So, I think you should really take your time finding a boyfriend. If you need any tips on how to find the right boy then you should really just ask that question next time. Unless you only want a quick relationship and don't want to get too clingy to your boyfriend or him to get clingy to you. It really just depends on what you want, so think about the question you want to ask next and that might help you get a boyfriend and not just in five minutes. Take care.

If you break up with your boyfriend to get with your ex boyfriend but now your old boyfriend is really sad what do you do?

You have to do whatever makes you the happiest. It's your life and you can't let yourself be held back just because someone is sad. What you have to ask yourself is: Who do you really want in your life? And if you can't find a good answer for that then just go have fun with your life and who you yourself are.

My boyfriend is obsessed with justin bieber what shall I do?

There is really nothing you can do if your boyfriend is obsessed with Justin Bieber. You can just support your boyfriend.

What do you do when a boy gives you flowers?

It depends if it's your boyfriend or just a friend. If it's your boyfriend i would just say that you smell them then give him a hug/kiss and tell him that you appreciate them and that it was really sweet for him to get you them. If it's just a boy that you know I would say tell him thanks and they're really pretty and possibly give him a hug if it's not out of your comfort zone.

Boyfriend meets his EX?

Ok. I have a boyfriend and if he went to hang out with his ex after they didn't talk, I would have some serious issues with it. But sometimes you just have to trust that he won't do anything and it really is just a friendly meeting. Trust him.

How do you get your mom to meet her daughters boyfriend?

Just tell your mom that you'd like her to meet your boyfriend. Tell her that he's a good guy (only if he really is!) and that it would be nice for her to meet him.

What does it mean when she says he's my current boyfriend?

It means she's just not that into you. Sorry. Would you really want to stay with someone who introduces you that way. The boyfriend she is dating at the moment (current).

Should you make out with another girl to please your boyfriend?

Sorry, but your boyfriend sounds like a pig. :/ If that guy really loves you, then he would want you to do what's comfortable to you, and not do it just to please him.

What would you tell this guy you have a boyfriend?

Just tell him gently....."listen, I have a boyfriend. Just saying"

What to do if your friend thinks you likes her boyfriend when you really don't?

just tell your friend the truth, if she really is really is your friend she would trust you. even if you have to give her reason why you dont like him in that way.

Why does my boyfriend wear my panties?

He just really like your underwear

My friend Never Had a boyfriend and she really wants one but there's really No one she likes What should I do to help her?

k yeah help her like tell her that she, well does she really like anyone maybe she does just wont tell u but maybe she will find someone tay just wait like me i really want a boyfriend but i am waiting for someone i like i really dont like anyone!!