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I wouldn't want my last suction cup to slip, just as I reach the top of the window.

The geckos have a very clever suction cup design of the soles of their feet.


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Example sentence - The vacuum cleaner no longer had adequate suction to clean the rugs.

if its just a small suction cup try some meths or kerosine and or dishwashing liquid or cooking oil!

get a small pin and pit it right through the plunger. it will release the suction pressure =]

It uses its suction-cup-like mouth to absorb food.

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I don't see any reason why it wouldn't.... all particles have different densities. unless rubber isn't dense enough to block the impossible zero density of outer-space. 0 is abstract not concrete. I would probably just make my suction cup out of metal and use a dyson vacuum to power it. lol <><><><> NO! A suction cup is held in place by the air OUTSIDE the cup pushing it against the surface. No air in space. No air, no push, no workee.

Suction is used for airway management when the patient can't manage his or her own secretions.

Support system....they have suction cup mouths & they use it to clean parasites from the shark.

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I can't comprehend how suction would work in a vacuum :-) Black Holes' use their gravitational force to pull matter into them.

The EMT quickly aspirated the victim's wound with a suction syringe.

Most portable suction units are medical devices. They are often used in ambulances where mobile devices are needed. They work to aspirate or perform suction on the patient's lungs or airway to improve respiration. A portable suction unit is used in several medical applications. If you are a doctor or EMT you would have use for a portable suction unit.

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The use of irrigation allows farms to operate in normally dry areas.Dentists use irrigation and suction to keep a clear view when working on teeth.

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