How would you write a report on a misconduct of a member in the church to the pastor?

It shouldn't be a report, but a letter. Here are some guidelines: * Stick to the facts of what happened (don't wander off in different directions.) * State the misconduct. * Don't give the name of the person until the pastor is willing to meet with you to discuss the issue. * At the end of the letter let the pastor know that you are hopeful something will be done about the misconduct and sign your name and give your phone #. * Put into an envelope and put 'PRIVATE/CONFIDENTIAL on it. This means NO ONE should open that letter and this should be put on the top of your letter as well. This means this should not be discussed with anyone else unless you are informed first. Considering you didn't say what the misconduct was about there is just a sample and you can change it around: PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL Date: (name of Pastor and address if you choose to mail the letter and if you are mailing it then send it by registered mail because he will have to sign for it and Personal/Confidential is on the envelope.) The best thing to do is simply hand it to him, or leave it with his secretary (if he has one) or, on his desk if his door is open. Dear Pastor Smith: It is most unfortunate that I have to bring to your attention the misconduct of _________________(put in the blank what type of misconduct, but NOT THE NAME OF THE PERSON) towards myself (or another parishioner if that is the case.) I feel that this sort of action cannot and should not be tolerated in the church. I appreciate your time and am hopeful I will hear from you soon regarding this issue. Yours truly,