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If you had no reflexes, your body would not repond. It is one way medical professionals check for brain death. If they take away the oxygen by discontinuing the ventilator, will the patient reflexively breathe?

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Q: How would your bodies respond to stimuli if you had no reflexes?
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2 stimuli that a plant would respond to?

Touch-me-not and sunflower

What would be unable to respond to stimuli and maintain steady internal conditions?


What would happen if we didn't have reflexes?

I'm not sure I understand the question but reflexes are how our bodies automatically respond to stimuli. If you put your hand on a hot surface, your reflex is to jerk your hand away before you even realize what the problem is on a conscious level. So if you didn't have an automatic reflex, you would keep your hand on the hot surface longer and you would have to make a conscious choice to remove your hand from the area to stop the pain you are experiencing. Without reflexes your eyes wouldn't automatically blink to clear away debris, you wouldn't sneeze in response to irritants, you probably wouldn't even cough if something were caught in your throat and preventing you from breathing unless you made yourself consciously cough. Forget vomiting, if you ate something that was hurting your stomach it would just stay down there and continue to hurt your stomach--vomiting is (generally) an involuntary response a.k.a. a reflex. Without reflexes you would be a terrible driver and you would be very clumsy in general. Reflexes are that unconscious part of you that responds to your environment, often before you become consciously aware of what you NEED to respond to. Reflexes make soccer moms throw their arms over their children's bodies right before they hit the brakes. But, thinking of that, a soccer mom without reflexes probably wouldn't hit the brakes until it was too late and would hit whatever it was her reflexes would have otherwise stopped her from hitting.

Does bass respond to stimuli?

Yes. If you would poke it, it would move away from what you are using to poke it.

What sphere would lightning be found?

Lightning does not have cells, does not have a metabolism, does not reproduce, does not maintain homeostasis, and does not respond to stimuli.

Can animals be taught to respond to stimuli?

They already respond to it. It's just like if you took a hose and sprayed an animal, they wouldn't just stand there and do nothing, they would run away.

What is an example of respond to stimuli?

If you put light in an animal's eye it will react by shutting it's eyes, covering it's eyes or in any other way it would usually respond.

Where does stimulus occur?

Assuming you are referring to the different types of "environmental stimuli," as in biology, the answer would include many sources. All living things (organisms) respond to environmental stimuli; this is one of the seven key characteristics of living things (including evolution, order, regulation, growth and development, reproduction, and energy utilization). So, for example, our bodies can respond to physical damage by making us aware of it through our feeling of pain. The "fight or flight" response can be triggered by threatening environmental stimuli. Or, a Venus fly trap will snap shut when an insect lands in its trap.

Do all organisms respond to stimuli?

Any organism that has intact nerve cells or a functioning nervous system will respond to stimuli. Organisms respond to changes in temperature, pressure, or chemical composition of its' external or internal environment. A stimulus has to be strong enough to initiate an impulse, called a threshold stimulus.

What would happen if you had no reflexes?

if you don't have reflexes,you can't move because your body like a rock and a reflexes.

What will happen if two people collide?

When two people collide they would respond to stimuli. Say if someone clapped in your face, and you were surprised, how would you react? You would jump or flinch or something like that.

How do dolphins respond to stimuli?

it swims out of the way, swims to different elevations, communicates with others