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He's the narcissist and you aren't so why stoop so low as to hit this guy who isn't worth the skin he's in! Don't do it! You are in an NA meeting so I'm sure they already know what he is and you don't have to drive it home. People that live with narcissists can pick up some of their habits too, so ignore him and listen and help yourself! If he bothers you a lot in these meetings then sit somewhere else so you can't even make eye contact. If he doesn't improve (and most don't because of their ego-tripping) then kick him to the curb. Good luck! I would just go to other meetings. You dont need this loser. I have changed meetings a couple times because of men I have dated. I find its easier to just point my feet in a different direction. If hes a Narcassist he probably liked the attention. Dont give him your power. Find anohter man.

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Q: How would your ex-Narcisist feel if you physical attacked him at an NA meeting and told everyone what he is really like?
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