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Open your Bittorrent client (eg. Utorrent, Azerus, Bittorent) and go to:

File > Create Torrent.

2. Select the files and or directories 3.Trackers: Below are some popular public trackers. They are servers which help peers to communicate.

Here are some good trackers you can use:


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Q: How you can convert a file into a torrent?
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How do you convert torrent files?

You need a torrent program like Vuse or uTorrent. It will turn the torrent into a file or files.

I downloaded a torrent file and it had music in it and I want to put on my Sansa. How do you convert a torrent file to mp3?

Torrent file is not that what you are thinking. It needs p2p file sharing applications like µtorrent or something else. Open that torrent file with µtorrent and then µtorrent will download the files from internet that are represented in the torrent file. After download you can play the music files by wmp.

How do you convert a torrent file to pdf?

A torrent file is a set of instructions for a "torrent application" to find and download the files described in the torrent; it does not contain the actual file, and will never be useful as a PDF or any other type of text document. As such, the user of a torrent file will need a torrent application, such as BitTorrent, to download the files referenced in the torrent file. Properly installed, a torrent application should automatically start downloading any files referenced by the torrent automatically. Assuming the torrent refers to a PDF file, once the download is complete, there will be a PDF file in the download folder that can be opened by any PDF viewer.

How do you convert a torrent into a normal file?

You can't, you have to download the files by opening the .torrent file in a bittorrent client like uTorrent or Vuze, when the download is complete you will have your files.

How do you get a torrent file to play?

You don't play a torrent file. A torrent file is simply a file containing information about one or several files. Use a torrent client such as uTorrent, Azureus Vuze or Bitcomet to open a .torrent file and the client will download the files you are looking for.

What is the difference between a file and a Torrent file?

A file is much much more general than a torrent file. A torrent file is a type of file. Torrent files are downloaded files that are in the middle of being processed and downloaded. They're kind of like crown downloads.

How do you download a torrent media file?

In order to download a torrent media file, it is necessary to first have a torrent client. There are many different torrent clients, uTorrent and BitTorrent are two popular choices. Using the torrent client, you can search for a specific file you wish to download or enter a specific torrent file location to begin downloading.

How you would know that the torrent file is a zip file before download?

you can see the properties or txt file with that torrent

What is the easiest way to find a torrent?

The easiest way to find a torrent file is to type in the name of the file and add the word "torrent" to the end of the file and search. The links provided will be torrent links for one's choosing.

Can you play torrent audio on iPod?

A .torrent file is not an audio file. iPods cannot play .torrent files.

Do you need to keep the initial torrent file?

After you download and run the torrent file, you can safely delete it.

Can I download torrent file with other software like internet download managerI?

No you can not download torrent file with can use other software like vuz to download torrent file

What are PSP torrents?

A torrent is a file that you download that links you to other peers who are sharing it, to download the file the torrent specifies. To download a torrent, you need a client such as utorrent. A psp torrent I am assuming is a .torrent file used to download psp games.

If you download a torrent do you have to keep the complete downloaded file on your computer to seed it or can you just leave the torrent file?

The downloaded file has to be kept along with the torrent to seed. It is that downloaded file you are uploading. You can move the file to an external drive and still keep seeding, but you would have to tell the torrent where the new location is.

What is a torrent file used for?

A torrent file is used to connect a user with other people who have the target file. The torrent file allows the user to download off a number of other people in small parts, eventually getting the entire target file.

Is a good torrent site?

Yes isohunrt is good torrent site just when you select the torrent file to download check the other users reviews on file to know that the file is verified.

Can you play torrent music on iPod Nano?

Haha, OK so you need to know what a torrent file is, don't you? That .torrent file that you downloaded doesn't have any music in it. Google, "how do download a torrent"

How do you play a torrent game?

Torrent is a type of download. You have to download the torrent file and open it up with a special torrent download program. The torrent file, when opened, will initiate the download of the actual game. Be aware than in most cases torrent downloaded games are illegal copies.

How do you get seeds for a torrent?

Initially in a torrent if there are no active member the server, or person who initialized the torrent will wait until there are peers to download the file, upload the file to them, who in turn then become seeds.

How did you open a torrent?

A torrent is a file that downloads off of a torrent downloader. download a program called VUSE. drag your torrent file into the interface of vuse in the library. if it doesent have seed, it most likly wont download. but its illegal.

How do you burn a torrent file to DVD?

The video or movie that downloaded from Torrent comes with various file formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV, and WMV. So when you want to burn Torrents to DVD you have to convert video to DVD format (MPEG-2) before burning it to a DVD disk.

Why wont your torrent music file open?

You cannot just download the 15kb torrent file and expect it to work. You must have a bittorrent client such as uTorrent and use that to open the torrent file. the torrent itself will then download to the location you tell it to. you can download uTorrent off or its own website.

How do you use torrent on MacBook Pro?

Two popular torrent applications are uTorrent and Transmission. To use them, you open a 'torrent' file and the applications will download the files contained in the torrent file. The user needs a connection to the internet.

How do you delete a torrent file but keep the movie on your computer?

Before answering your question, I would like to make a clear explanation about what is a torrent file. A torrent file is a file which is used by Bit torrent-a program used to download the files from the torrent server.So if you want to delete your torrent files (E.g. Build_your_mind.torrent) and keep your movie( the file downloaded from the torrent server), you can follow these easy step:First, press Windows Key+F( or you can go to"My Computer"then click on "Search" ).In the "All or part of the file name", type "*.torrent" (without quote) and in the "Look in", choose "My Computer" and then click "Search"button.Second, wait for the result of your search. After the result is displayed, you can select the torrent file that you want to delete then press "delete"key on your keyboard.Hope it can help you!

How to play torrent games?

You do not play a torrent. You download a torrent using a torrent client. Then once it downloads it will most likely be in a archive or .iso file. Extract the archive or mount the .iso. In the archive, if there is an .iso file, mount it, if there is a installer, run it.