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The chemical compound Water is made of two elements: Hydrogen and Oxygen. To get water you would need to perform a highly explosive chemical reaction. An example of this dangerous reaction occured with old style zeppelins that were filled with Hydrogen. So, the chemical formula of water is H2O and the reaction between Hydrogen and Oxygen is:

Hydrogen + Oxygen --> Hydrogen Oxide

Do not attempt this reaction.


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Water is not an element

No water is NOT an "atom". No water is NOT an "element".

Distilled water is not an element. Water is a compound..

No, water is not an element, it is a compound.

Water is not an element (H is an element, O is an element, when combined together it is not an element). See related question below.

If the water is pure, it is a pure element.

Yes, Scorpio is a water element.

Contemporary science does not consider water to be an element.

No, it is not an element, it is just sugar water.

yes any type of water is an element

Chlorine is the element that purifies water. Its symbol is Cl.

Carbon is an element, water is a compound.

Water, but it is a compound, not an element.

Cancer is the element of WATER.

There is no element symbol for water, since water is not an element. But if you are talking about the chemical equation for water, it is h2o, 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.

The deionized water is not an element, but it is a very pure water, without ions in solution.

Water is not an element- it is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.

Water is liquid at room temperature, but it is not an element. Water is a combination of two elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen, with the formula H2O. Water is not an element. Mercury (Hg) is an element which is liquid at room temperature.

Water is a compound and not an element. It is non-living.

Water is in fact an element. A compound would be much different. As you can see water is to elements together that make a super element of water that we use to live on earth.

Hinata's element is water.

Generally, you can find the heat capacity for an element by placing a small amount of the element in a beaker of boiling water. Then you allow the element to sit in the water until it becomes the same temperature of the water.

No. Water contains more than one element

Water is a compound. it is neither element nor mixture.

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