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How you can improve a purchasing procedure?

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2008-04-22 04:40:08

I have been a purchasing agent for about 25 years and the best

summary I can offer is this: Reduce the amount of handoffs, buy

value not lowest cost necessarily and be nice to end users (your

customers). By reducing handoffs between departmental requestors

and approvers and the amount of forms needed/physical

signatures/excel spreadsheets maintained will increase

profitibility. If you work for a company that is larger that has an

ERP system get management sold on the idea of electronic

requisitioning and approvals. If you don't you will be re-entering

data that someone else has already had to enter. If you can accept

email approvals in lieu of chasing someone down for a physical

signature you are much better off! And most ERP systems allow you

to attach a document - so you save the approval email and stick it

to the PO. From your question it's hard to know if you are

approaching this question from a position in purchasing or outside

of purchasing...hope this was helpful!

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