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You can send free sms by airtel mobile by changing the message center code.

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In India: If you want to call from an Airtel mobile : it is 121 If you are calling from a Land line it is : 9845098450 for prepaid (recharge basis users) or 9845012345 for postpaid (bill paid basis users). Airtel operates in many other countries, each of which has its own customer service numbers.

Can we connect two mobiles together so that as a call comes to a mobile the other mobile can listen the conversation

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No, the T Mobile prepaid plan does not require a contract. All T-Mobile prepaid data and voice plans include no annual contract, national coverage with no roaming charges and many other features.

There are many benefits with Airtel postpaid plan. With only Rs. 499, you get unlimited calls with 40GB data. The unused data is added back to the next month. Besides this, your mobile damage repair expenses are covered. You get unlimited incoming on international roaming. With free live TV and movies, you can track your real-time usage with my Airtel App. Other than this, you get unlimited calls with infinity plans, free calls on national roaming and 20% savings on family mobile spend.

Yes. The other way around is also true... a contract SIM will work in a prepaid phone.

most mobiles come with a cable that you can attach one end on your mobile other end into the USB port on your PC

the best mobile network in india is airtel it works on1800 hzts where as other network works at 900 hrts means airtel is two times capable of network capturing voice clarity high speed internet and less data amount then others.....!!!

There are several other prepaid cell phone plans available, most popularly T Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Many electronics and department stores also sell phones with attached plans.

Both Target and Wal-Mart provide cheap prepaid cell phones online at their respective webpages (do a quick search for prepaid phones @Target, Wal-Mart). Other options are: Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile USA, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T.

T-mobile has a good prepaid cell phone plan. It is the best out of all the other phone carriers. If it is available in your area, also look at Virgin Mobile's prepaid plan.

There are many thousands of mobile homes and mobile home parks in Florida. - I would guess that they have more mobiles 'per capita' than any other state in the US. -I am still researching numbers on this.

need to call to ur mobile SIM service provider like airtel,reliance and tell them which caller tune to set. For airtel,u can press * while calling to other airtel number whose caller tune u want to set. Caller tune will be set,there are charges for caller tune.

The bad effects of mobiles are :-)Just because of mobile one day all the honey bees will die.After sometime when honey bees die all the other living creatures will die.It is also harmful to the eyes.

Yes, they are if you are tight on money. Prepaid phones do help people who want to use a specific feature more than the other. You only get charged for what you use.

Other brands of prepaid cell phones other than Tracphone are offered by many companies. Some are AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Sprint, Cricket. They come in many different shapes and sizes, with multiple options.

Prepaid cell phones are available in a wide variety of places. If you have a Wal-Mart or Best Buy nearby, you can purchase one there. Many other mobile service providers sell them at their stores as well - Verizon, AT&T, and Cricket are some places to check out.

For Airtel India, dial 121 from airtel phones or 18001030121. Airtel operates in many other countries, each of which will have its own customer service numbers.

Other brands of prepaid cell phones other than Tracphone are offered by many companies. Some are AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Sprint, Cricket. They come in many different shapes and sizes, with multiple options.

The two main "sister" companies of Sprint are Virgin Mobile and Boost, and each offers phones which come with a Sprint prepaid plan. In addition, other phones (like the T-Mobile LG Optimus) can apparently be converted to use with Sprint and a pre-pay package.

Virgin Mobile offers some of the cheapest prepaid cellphones. Other smaller companies that are not as popular include H2O Wireless and Kajeet. It also depends on the type of phone you are planning to buy.

If by "mobile" you mean a hanging artwork, there are online sites that detail how they are built. (see related link)Building any of the other mobiles (phone, radio, mobile home) would be another thing entirely, requiring technical training in that specific field to accomplish.

Other cell phone companies include Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and metroPCS. My personal favorite is Virgin Mobile, their prepaid plans are pretty reasonable and the phones that they work on aren't too shabby.