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How you can verify 1000000 silver certificate issued in 1923?


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I don't believe that there is no 1000000 silver certificate issued by the US in world war 11. my grand father was awarded a 2 1000000 dollars silver certificate after he captured 30 Japanese. If it is not true then i would say that the US Military officer at that time are all liars. They just deceived my grand father by giving a fake money bill which in fact my lolo keep it until he died. We just until now that we the heir of this bill wanted to used it for good. Blood and strength was his capital in fighting the enemies but you says it is fake. I will prove to you that it is really true that there is a 1000000 dollars silver certificate.

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Do you mean a silver certificate? They had blue Treasury seals. The only denomination issued in 1953 was $10. Unless it is uncirculated, your note is worth anywhere from face value if well-worn, to perhaps $25 or $30 if almost-new. Uncirculated, and with provenance to verify that condition, it could be worth up to $100 however. There were other denominations issued in 1953 but they have red seals and clearly say "United States Note" rather than "Silver Certificate".

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There are two types of 1999-S half dollar, both issued only as proof coins, so it's important to verify whether the one you have is actually silver. The more common type is struck in the same copper-nickel alloy as circulation half dollars, and as of 04/2010 has a value of $9-16 depending on quality. The other is a so-called "Prestige Proof" struck in 90% silver alloy and sold only as part of a special silver proof set. As of 04/2010 it has a value of $13-25 depending on quality.

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