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Who cares if she doesn't like you back. Just tell her. You will never know that she likes you unless you make the first move. She may never make the first move. Most girls are not programmed that way. As to what kind of things she will do. Avoid the guessing game because what she does can be misleading. She could be very affectionate towards you and you could misread that as her liking you when it's only because she comes from and affectionate family. Or she could be mean and really like you but doesn't know how to express her desire for you. The only real way of knowing is by putting yourself out there and asking and letting her know how you feel about her. Now, if you do not want to ruin your friendship (assuming that you are friends) then be patient and wait for her to make the first move by giving you some kind of sign. If you don't you could possibly scare her away. One thing you can do (especially if she is a friend) is flirt and notice her response to you. If her eyes light up and she flirts back then your at a green light. If she sounds turned off by it laugh it off and don't go there again. But flirting will definitely give you an idea of how she feels towards you.

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Q: How you know if a girl likes you and if she wants you to ask her out and what kind of things will she do to show you that she likes you?
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What if a girl says she wants a boyfriend right in front of you and she gives you the sense that she kind of likes you?

then ask her if she likes you and if she does say i liked you alot to

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I send this message to all girls who love David, including me. He sees what he wants in a girl. And he will marry who he wants. --- He likes girls who are kind and considerate to others. He also likes girls who are adventurous.

What does it mean if your guy friend asks you what kind of things you care about and you ask him what he means and he says things like people.?

It means that, if you are a girl and a guy asks you that he probably likes you. what does it mean when an ex-boyfriend asks about his old girlfriend to her friends? If he asks you what kind of things you care about and means people he usually wants to know who you like cause he probably likes you.

How could you make a girl like you?

that depends on what kind of girl, just look for things she likes and if those things match with you try to ask her out, if they don't, do not even think about it

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I thought he was a girl.

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zayn malik likes a girl with a casual style not too over the top kind of girl. he likes a girl with a beautiful smile and personality and brown eyes

What kind the girl wants to love you?

depends on what kind of person you are

What kind of jokes a girl likes?

Playing with her.

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What kind of girl does Louis Tomlinson like?

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He said that he likes girl whit any kind of hair color :)

How do you know if your girl friend really likes you?

I'm a good person to answer this. If a girl likes you, she'll always try and spend lots of time with you and always be friendly and kind. If she leaves you out of things, this is a sign of ignorance, therefore she must be dumped!

What if you know a guy likes you but when he finds out that you like him he doesn't talk to you what does that mean?

well ... that's an important topic .. this person likes you .. but his a kind that doesn't like that the girl runs after him rapidly or demonstrate her likliness to him or that she is fond of .. moreover it depends at the way she shows him her affection the important not to be exeggerated way so he will feel wack as it is said ,,then he decides to leave you and run after a girl who doesnt even give him a glance because the man likes to run after the girl but not the viceversa .. the girl has a kind of affection more than the man that let her shows her emotions rapidly this inturn contradicts what the man wants from a girl ... he likes her when she is careless and when she doesnt give him whatever he wants and not be so romantic ... he likes the strong girl who like the challenge and shows that she is swanky and million of men hope her to be aside

What does it mean when a guy says he kind of likes you as more than a friend?

=He likes you and he probably wants you two to be a couple.=

What does it mean when a guy acts like he likes you then just kind of ignores you?

He likes you but wants to know if you like him too.

What kind of a girl does Alexander Ludwig like?

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He wants a girl who is down-to-earth, realistic, has good humor, and understands him. He wants a girl who can understand that he will have his concert tours and performances. He wants a girl that cares for him, accepts him for who he is, and treats him with respect. Understand this as well, he is the kind of a person that will do the same for the girl he dates. He will treat her with care, love, and respect just as long as she does the same. ;)

What kind of questions does a guy ask if he likes a girl?

Try to ask her about the things she likes, Music, sport, pets, places she has been and the thing she enjoys to do, and she will end up doing the same with you,

What kind of girl would Harry Styles likes?

Harry styles Likes a sweet, kind, cheeky, talented girl who has a great smile and laugh. Looks he likes on a girl: Nice smile, blue or green eyes, shorter than he is,a and someone who can like him for him

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Be honest! Guys seach for girls in internet when they are tired with the girls around him. Probably he wants someone kind, that want to support him, that likes to hug and kiss AND likes to share things.

Do girls likes guys do karate?

Depends on what kind of guy it is and what kind of girl it is

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