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How you know if a guinea pig is a male or female?


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Hold a guinea pig up right. You will find a small pink circle with a dot in it. Push the area above it. If it is a boy, two ovals will appear next to it. If girl, there will be no ovals.
ok here is what you do pick the guinea pig up if it is a young guinea pig feel under the butt near the back legs if you feel 2 little balls it is a male if you don't feel 2 little balls it is a female ok if it is an older guinea the nuts should have already dropped so you should see big bumps towards the rump.if there are that means it is a male if not it is a female. there you go now you can sex your guinea pigs. I am 11 and when the MALE guinea pig pee they stick their little private out and back in afterwards
look at there privat part if it has 3 sllits its a girl 2 slits its a boy
at the back legs feel the but thing if u feel 2 balls then its a boy if not its a girl
Try the sexing thing if you don't know listen up please. Press right above the Y by their butt. A penis will come out if it is a male guinea pig. No penis will come out if it is a female. If you want an easier way you've come to the right place. You look at their nipples. The male's nipples are short. The female's nipples will be longer than the male's.
Usually you can tell if any animal is a male or a female by trying to find a penus (if it has a penus that means its a male).
the male one will have have a penis but the female one will not
when you hole the guinea pig press on the stomach just above the bum and if a penis comes out its a boy but if nothing comes out its a girl hope this helps