How you remove virus without antivirus?

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How to delete virus w/o using any antivirus programs !!One of the ways by which a virus can infect your PC is through USB/Flash drives. Common viruses such as 'Ravmon' , 'New Folder.exe', 'Orkut is banned' etc are spreading through USB drive . Most anti virus programs are unable to detect them and even if they do, in most cases they are unable to delete the file, only quarantine it. Here are the things which you can do if you want to remove such viruses from your USB drives or harddisk. Whenever you plug a USB DRIVE in your system, a window will appear similar to the one shown below…
Don't click on Ok , just choose 'Cancel'. Open the Command Prompt by typing 'cmd' in the run box. In the command prompt type the drive letter: and press enter . Now type dir /w/a and press enter.
This will display a list of the files in the Flash drive or Hardisk. Check whether the following files are there or not
  • Autorun.inf
  • Ravmon.exe
  • New Folder.exe
  • svchost.exe
  • Heap41a
  • or any other .exe which may be suspicious.

If any of the above files are there, then probably the USB drive is infected. In command prompt type attrib -r -a -s -h *.* and press enter. This will remove the Read Only, Archive, System and hidden file attribute from all the files. Now just delete the files using the command del filename. example del Ravmon.exe. Delete all the files that are suspicious. To be on a safer side, just scan the USB drive with a latest anti-virus program like McAfee or TrendMicro's PCCillin to check whether it is free of virus or not. Now remove the drive and plug it again. In most of the cases, the real culprit turns out to be the "Autorun.inf" file which mostly gets executed when someone clicks Ok in the dialog window which appears above. Thus the infections can spread…
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Can a computer become virus infected and the installed antivirus program not detect it and if so how can this virus be removed?

Yes, in the hacking world it's called FUD (Fully Undetectable) If the virus is FUD then it simply means that no anti-virus can detect it (however viruses don't stay FUD for long) Viruses can also disable your anti-virus without you knowing it so that you think the anti-virus is scanning and worki ( Full Answer )

How to fix the problem that your antivirus program removes a Trojan virus but the virus comes back after you restart your computer?

Answer First of all shut down your "System Restore" optioncompletely in "Control Panel | System | System Restore Tab" Then Restart your system and then try to remove your virus again,but this time remove it completely from Quarantine too; and thenScan your whole computer, by any new updated Anti ( Full Answer )

How you remove virus from computer without antivirus?

You can pritty much remove a virus, depending on how bad it is, by changing the settings on your computer. There are alot of ideas on how to remove one without anti-virus. You can take it off by pritty much messing around with all the files, blocking internet sites, or changing the firewall settings ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the computer viruses without an antivirus?

Manually, and with a great deal of time required. There are tools offered free on various commercial anti-virus sites which will target one specific virus, but these are not released for every virus and are very time consuming to use. I'd recommend getting a free antivirus if you are worrying about ( Full Answer )

How do you detect different types of virus without using antivirus?

It's not sure that without anti virus you can find the virus and secondly it's not a easy task. But You can use these trick Check you task manager, enter the "msconfig" in run box. When u use these ways please close another application then check which applications are running in task manger.

Remove any type of virus without using antivirus?

Click start>click run type in msconfig and then press enter. Goto the start up tab and uncheck everything except your anti ok and reboot. When you come back to the desktop check the box 'do not show this message again" and click ok . If this does not work you will need to you some fre ( Full Answer )

How do you remove XP antivirus 08 Trojan without internet access?

You will have to be really good at computer to remove it with some free tools from the internet. And by good i mean you would have to be a computer super expert as the rogue software is nasty. Try to access the internet from another computer. Get the free software on a pen drive and run it on you ( Full Answer )

Is there a way to remove XP Antivirus for free like without any scans that you have to pay for?

Yes you can remove it with free software * Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware * Run Superantispyware * Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! Install a good antivirus in your computer. Keep your antivirus updated. If automatic updates are available, configure your antivi ( Full Answer )

Removing virus without using program?

It is almost impossible to remove viruses without a program. You can do an online virus scan Find out the exact names of the virus search the registry(caution) and files for the virus files (maybe 100s of them) The destroy them

Can an antivirus be a virus?

yes and actually the 'so called' "Anti-virus 2008" software is a virus desguised as an anti-virus software opens a backdoor that downloads other virus onto the system. The best thing (the only thing actually) you can do is then download the trial or buy the Norton 2008 package off their website whic ( Full Answer )

I found Win32Heur virus on my PC my avg8 antivirus is can't heal it how can i remove it?

\nYou need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer. \n. \n1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)\n. \n2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\n. \n3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot \n. \n4 Run Superantispyware \n. \n5. Run a complete scan with free curi ( Full Answer )

How do you remove viruses without antivirus software?

First, i open local security policy and disable administator account status. And then i restart my computer and i can log in my computer.. You would need to know ALL changes made by the virus and be able to restart the OS into a "Safe" mode so that you could change those things; very dependent on t ( Full Answer )

How to detect a virus without using antivirus?

just go to run and type regedit.A dialogue box appears and find for file named virus (not for file virus but for name of the virus)and delete them.. Also find for REGSVR or AUTO.EXE.. BY PRABJOT SINGH. MHOW (M.P)

How do you delete virus without antiVirus software?

Answer You can't delete a virus without antivirus software. The reason why is you would have to open ever file or your computer and examine the code. That's not easy because on the average computer there is about 100,000 files. Download windows live onecare from this website ( Full Answer )

What is the best antivirus program to remove re-cycler virus?

You need to run these 3 essential programs to remove all the spyware on your computer. If you do not have an internet security suit and only an anti virus 1. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! 3. Run the anti spyware removal progr ( Full Answer )

How can you remove a virus without using antivirus?

It's gonna be hard. A virus is very hidden, it's file database is way out of normal beginner reach. You will need to first find a way to create a shortcut to the virus; then right click and then properties. In the "General" tab, try to trace the source for the shortcut; if you managed, copy and past ( Full Answer )

How can you find a computer virus without any antivirus software?

Its not possible to find a virus file on your computer without using anti-virus software , so try downloading some full anti-virus software . However, it is possible to scan for viruses without having a virus scanner installed on your computer. If windows is functional on your computer, ther ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a virus without using an AV?

Without making major changes, you need an AV to remove a virus. There are several free ones like Avast!. If you really need to avoid an AV you can reinstall windows or install Linux.

How can you delete a virus file from your PC without using antivirus software?

There is away. there are some free online scanners out there to scan your computer but cant delete them. they should tell you where the virus is hidden. go to search and look in everything and make sure you set the advance seting to seearch hidden files and folders. once you find the infected file d ( Full Answer )

How do you eradicate computer virus without antivirus?

I'm afraid not. Nowdays the virus on computers are quite hard to eradicate. But you can do it by means of the anti-virus software. There is a very nice free ware that can be downloaded from the internet freely. That is AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. The basic information about it is in the following: ( Full Answer )

Antivirus for Advanced Virus Remover or PAVRM.exe?

I removed Advanced Virus Remover with Spyware Doctor. Reviewed at spyware (added the link at the bottom) While Spyware Doctor is a good method, it is not the only one. Advanced Virus Remover can also be removed manually:

How do you remove Trojan virus manually without using an antivirus?

Just install a rar archive creating software like winrar or peazip. Then archive the virus infected files in a rar archive. Now open that rar archive using the rar program installed and you will be able to see the trojans and the files. Now just remove the torjans from there and unrar only the files ( Full Answer )

How do you remove viruses without anti-virus?

You need to run these 3 essential programs to remove all the spyware on your computer. If you do not have an internet security suite and only an anti virus 1. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! 3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spy ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a virus without formatting?

You just need to install anti virus like Norton Anti Virus. But some virus can be removed by any anti virus, in that case you have no choice but to format your hard drive

How Remove virus with and without antivirus?

To Remove Antivirus 2009 You Need Malwarebytes To Get It Go To And Click Download And Lauch The MBAM Install File Then Follow The Instructions If Installed Then Run A Full Scan And If It Finds Antivirus 2009 Simply Remove It And Done

I recived a virus from MSN and it changes my homepage to and I know its a virus How do I get rid of it without having to pay money for antivirus?

Best thing to do is to get a good anti virus software: AVG its completley free and top rated. also a firewall is to be needed and a good one is: Zonealarm its completley free and top rated aswell. If you have zonealarm it always asks you whether to allow or deny a software/file accessing the inte ( Full Answer )

Will a antivirus remove a virus?

Antivirus removes viruses it can detect, but not all viruses are detected. The percentage varies, but it is safe to assume that top antiviruses detect majority of popular viruses that are older than couple days. In rare cases viruses can be suspected, but not removed: new viruses, that are detecte ( Full Answer )

How can you remove virus but your antivirus not detect?

You have to look for it, any files that look like they shouldn't belong you might want to delete. It can really be hidden anywhere, but the most common places are the Temp folder, System32, and the Windows folder. Check your Temp folder (Start> Run > %temp%), sometimes a virus can be sitting there i ( Full Answer )

How virus remove by antivirus?

if you want to remove a virus go on full system scan and go on scan detials and where it says disinfect and quarentine go on the drop down window and click remove... i hope this helped

How do you get rid of a virus even if it has 23 viruses without a antivirus program?

trouble shooter for you hope it works. if the virus is preventing you from downloading a antivirus free trial to remove it then. step 1. get a flashdrive and try and evac all your files. step 2. try and use the system restore feature. step 3. the computer should be exactly the same as when you bo ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a virus without harming your computer?

Well, without harming your computer, i would say that everything is risky. Reinstall your Operating System, but before you reformat and reinstall the OS. Backup all your important files on CD and Email, and another computer. Once you reinstall, the virus will be completely gone, risk-free.

How do you detect virus without using antivirus?

It's a painstakingly long task that is sure to take hours, but if you have a list of the file extensions that viruses carry, then you go through the extension name of every file on the computer & see if it has a match. The best place to find them is in the WIN32 file.

Can a Virus remove your antiVirus software?

It shouldn't, but it depends on how good your software is, and how complex the virus is. Norton are generally recognised as the best, but different software has different attributes. If you have anti-virus software and you get a virus, then it may have been out-of-date, or had a problem with it. ( Full Answer )

Why antivirus cannot remove all virus?

a anti virus cannot remove all virus because by the time when your computer is at least infected by 17-20 files, it may become unresponsive leaving the anti virus unable to attack properly.However, it could delete most virus, but new one, as anonymous ones may be created therefore not making the ant ( Full Answer )

How do you remove all viruses without antivirus?

Manually removing viruses without an antivirus program is a very risky path to take. Inexperienced users might accidentally cause more harm than good to their computer when trying to remove a virus themselves. Because viruses take root in a "host" file in order to reproduce, deleting the virus can ( Full Answer )

How do you you fix the problem that your antivirus program removes a Trojan virus but the virus comes back after you restart your computer?

ALWAYS fix virus problems with the computer running in 'safe mode'. When a computer has been started in safe mode, only the bare minimum systems software are started (so there's less likelihood of any virus finding somewhere to hide !). Run your anti-virus software, and act on any warnings. Re-boot ( Full Answer )

How do you remove virus without using antivirus pdf?

Removing a virus without the use of an antivirus program is notrecommended. Unless you're extremely competent it is unlikely thatyou would be successful. Some PDF files may explain how to do so.

How do you remove a virus that stops antivirus update?

I am not sure I understand what you are asking? If you already have antivirus software on your system, it should have detected and at least quarantined the virus. Even if the software cant update, most good antivirus programs contain enough signatures to find most viruses without updating frequently ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a shortcut virus without an antivirus from a laptop?

Fixing a Virus infected PC is not an easy task. However if you fixed it, then again there will have lot of issues due to the changes done by the virus to windows system. The ideal solution is reinstall the OS again and install a reliable virus guard before to another virus attack.