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How you reset the timing belt on a 1995 vw cabrio?


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First of all, you need to remove the distributer cap, taking note of the timing mark for the number one cylender. Then you need to turn the pulley that drives the rotor to align it with the timing mark. The pulley is located on the side closest to the bumper. Next you have to remove the plug on the transmission to expose the timing mark on the flywheel. It is a clear plastic plug with a green ring around it. Then rotate the crankshaft with a socket wrench on the pulley until the timing mark is ligned up with the pointer. Then find the timing mark on the camshaft and and rotate it till its aligned with the corresponding mark. Once all the marks are ligned up, snake the belt over all the pulleys, leaving the tensioner pulley loose. Then tighten the tensioner with a piece of short wire that fits snugly in one of the holes. Then using a pair of locking pliers, grab the wire and pull till the belt is tight and tighten the nut. that should do it.

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