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Tell her, "I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world."

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You want to get a tight slap from a beautiful girl What should you do?

Tell her she's ugly.

How do you catch a girls heart?

Tell her she is beautiful and perfect. Sometimes i girl just doesn't want to be with that boy.

What should a boy say to a girl to turn her on?

Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you need/want her. Tell her how hot you are getting and that will make her hot too.

Lyrics to the song grace by Jim mullin?

Grace c2008 Jim MullinIf I told you that I love you Would you look the other way Or would you stay here and listen to me say You're the prettiest girl in the whole wide world You make my life so full I just don't tell you enough that you're beautiful You're beautiful You're Beautiful I love your face I love your grace Every thing you do Tonight I have to know Can I spend my life with you You're the prettiest girl in the whole wide world You make my life so full I just don't tell you enough that your beautiful You're beautiful You're Beautiful I want you I need you I just can't breath You're the prettiest girl in the whole wide world You make my life so full I just don't tell you enough that your beautiful You're beautiful You're Beautiful

Who does Jonathan livesay want to say sorry to?

irina schlosser the most beautiful girl in the world?

Who are the most beautiful girls on the planet?

Everybody is beautiful that's god creation but you want a girl with a banging body nice face etc. Just be happy what's available No, i can tell you, the most beautiful girl on the planet is me, fattycat. SNM.

If you are lesbian and you like a girl how do you tell her you want to be with her?

When i asked my girlfriend out, i first made sure she was lesbian/bi. Then i talked to her, got to know her, then said "i think ypur a beautiful girl and i want to be with you"

You want to tell a girl you like her?

yup i want to tell a girl that i like her

Hints when guy want to use girl?

when a guy wants to use a girl then he will begin to tell you everything that you want to hear. for example... oh baby you are beautiful. or i love you. but in the end he really wants something. he'll come to you like baby i think your beautiful so can i....

How can you tell you like a girl?

You can tell you Like a girl when you think about her all the time and And you can only think good things about her! You always smile when you hear her name and you want to kiss her or hug her!!! You thinks shes beautiful and you want to spend every moment with her!!! You want to ask her out and invite her to parties and stuff! Take it from a girl: Jenna xxxxxoooo

What do you do when you made up a guy to make someone jealous and now they want a picture of them?

if its a girl...tell her that she doesnt deserve to look at his beautiful eyes...if its a boy tell the truth

What girl would want to date you?

a pretty, smart,and beautiful girl

What should you tell a girl if she catches you staring at her boobs?

that you think she has a very beautiful necklace.if she has no necklace, say you want to lick het tities and run like hell ok ill tell her that i want to lick her boobs

How do you tell a girl your not dating you love her?

first, you tell the girl a very sweet compliment like: you're beautiful you're the only girl i love in the whole world you know, something like that. then, you tell her "I LOVE YOU" (she might smile but also think you're about to break up with her but its ok) then you say "but I'm not trying to date you." she might get upset. but then you say "i hope you understand i don't want to date you but i just love you." THAT IS HOW YOU TELL A GIRL YOU LOVE HER BUT YOU'RE NOT DATING HER

What are the lyrics to beautiful by obsidia ft coma?

Tell me something beautiful, or tell me something real, tell me no more make believe, i just want to feel

Does Tails want to kiss Cosmo?

I think so...he did want to tell her she was beautiful...not want to kiss her?

You want to marry a beautiful European virgin girl?


How do you tell a girl you just want sex?

Just tell her!!

How do you deal with a girl that lies to you?

DEFINITELY Confront her. Tell her the truth. If you like her tell her constantly in between how you feel about her ( dont want to loose you, your so beautiful ect...) Tell her how you feel and how upset you've been Hope this helps :D

What should you tell your parents if you want to take a girl out on holidays?

tell them you want to bring a friend

How do you tell her how you feel?

Come out and tell her how you feel. This can be tricky. If you want to tell a girl/woman how you feel, start off smooth and tell her what you want in a relationship, tell her why you want her, and tell her how you would treat her.

How can you tell a girl you want to go out with her?

by asking her out.

A good girl doesnt kiss and tell?

you can tell if u want

How do you know you love her?

When you think about her every day. Wehn you realize that there is no other beautiful girl. When you dream of both of you together. When you always think of ways to tell her she is your world........ When you want to hug her and kiss her everytime you see her. When you miss her after you have been separated for a long time.........

How to tell a girl you want to meet her?

say do you want to meet me somewhere

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