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# <select name="month" id="month"> # <option value="1" <?PHP if($month==1) echo "selected";?>>January</option> # <option value="2" <?PHP if($month==2) echo "selected";?>>February</option> # <option value="3" <?PHP if($month==3) echo "selected";?>>March</option> # <option value="4" <?PHP if($month==4) echo "selected";?>>April</option> # <option value="5" <?PHP if($month==5) echo "selected";?>>May</option> # <option value="6" <?PHP if($month==6) echo "selected";?>>June</option> # <option value="7" <?PHP if($month==7) echo "selected";?>>July</option> # <option value="8" <?PHP if($month==8) echo "selected";?>>August</option> # <option value="9" <?PHP if($month==9) echo "selected";?>>September</option> # <option value="10" <?PHP if($month==10) echo "selected";?>>October</option> # <option value="11" <?PHP if($month==11) echo "selected";?>>November</option> # <option value="12" <?PHP if($month==12) echo "selected";?>>December</option> # </select> # # <select name="day" id="day"> # <option value="1" <?PHP if($day==1) echo "selected";?>>1</option> # <option value="2" <?PHP if($day==2) echo "selected";?>>2</option> # <option value="3" <?PHP if($day==3) echo "selected";?>>3</option> # <option value="4" <?PHP if($day==4) echo "selected";?>>4</option> # <option value="5" <?PHP if($day==5) echo "selected";?>>5</option> # <option value="6" <?PHP if($day==6) echo "selected";?>>6</option> # <option value="7" <?PHP if($day==7) echo "selected";?>>7</option> # <option value="8" <?PHP if($day==8) echo "selected";?>>8</option> # <option value="9" <?PHP if($day==9) echo "selected";?>>9</option> # <option value="10" <?PHP if($day==10) echo "selected";?>>10</option> # <option value="11" <?PHP if($day==11) echo "selected";?>>11</option> # <option value="12" <?PHP if($day==12) echo "selected";?>>12</option> # <option value="13" <?PHP if($day==13) echo "selected";?>>13</option> # <option value="14" <?PHP if($day==14) echo "selected";?>>14</option> # <option value="15" <?PHP if($day==15) echo "selected";?>>15</option> # <option value="16" <?PHP if($day==16) echo "selected";?>>16</option> # <option value="17" <?PHP if($day==17) echo "selected";?>>17</option> # <option value="18" <?PHP if($day==18) echo "selected";?>>18</option> # <option value="19" <?PHP if($day==19) echo "selected";?>>19</option> # <option value="20" <?PHP if($day==20) echo "selected";?>>20</option> # <option value="21" <?PHP if($day==21) echo "selected";?>>21</option> # <option value="22" <?PHP if($day==22) echo "selected";?>>22</option> # <option value="23" <?PHP if($day==23) echo "selected";?>>23</option> # <option value="24" <?PHP if($day==24) echo "selected";?>>24</option> # <option value="25" <?PHP if($day==25) echo "selected";?>>25</option> # <option value="26" <?PHP if($day==26) echo "selected";?>>26</option> # <option value="27" <?PHP if($day==27) echo "selected";?>>27</option> # <option value="28" <?PHP if($day==28) echo "selected";?>>28</option> # <option value="29" <?PHP if($day==29) echo "selected";?>>29</option> # <option value="30" <?PHP if($day==30) echo "selected";?>>30</option> # <option value="31" <?PHP if($day==31) echo "selected";?>>31</option> # </select> # # <select name="year" id="year"> # <?PHP for($i=date("Y"); $i<=date("Y")+2; $i++) # if($year == $i) # echo "<option value='$i' selected>$i</option>"; # else # echo "<option value='$i'>$i</option>"; # ?> # </select>

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Q: Html pull down menu example for month day and year I would like to get an example on how to write month day and year in HTML form?
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What is an example of HTML?

A simple example of HTML would be &lt;Html&gt; &lt;head&gt; &lt;title&gt;A simple example of Html&lt;/title&gt; &lt;/head&gt; &lt;body&gt; Google Logo: &lt;/br&gt; &lt;img src="" alt="Google Logo"&gt; &lt;/body&gt; &lt;HTML&gt;

What is inner HTML?

Inner HTML would be the text between two tags, en example of the Inner HTML of bold text would be: &lt;b&gt;Inner Html is Right Here&lt;/b&gt;

What does h1 in HTML stand for?

Heading 1 For example, this would mean that HOME is the first heading in HTML. &lt;html&gt; &lt;body&gt; &lt;h1&gt; HOME &lt;/h1&gt; &lt;/body&gt; &lt;/html&gt;

What is the connection of a notepad with HTML tags?

You can use Notepad to write HTML pages, and HTML consists of tags. So you would be writing a lot of tags when using Notepad to create a HTML page.

How do you write HTML codes and javascript events together in your HTML kit?

You need to write the HTML code in the tag format. If you want to write JavaScript put it in &lt;script&gt; tag.

What are stand alone tags in HTML?

They would be tags that do not have closing tags. &lt;br&gt; would be an example. &lt;hr&gt; would be another example.

What are the basic parts of HTML?

The basic parts of a HTML page would be the &lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt; , &lt;head&gt;, &lt;title&gt;,and &lt;body&gt; tags, along with each tags accompanying closing tag. With those tags you can make a very simple HTML page. Below is an example. &lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt; &lt;head&gt; &lt;title&gt;Example (this would appear in the browser's tab)&lt;/title&gt; &lt;/head&gt; &lt;body&gt; This is a very simple example of a HTML page. This section would appear in the body of the page. &lt;/body&gt; &lt;/html&gt; Of course there are many other important tags, which you can find at w3schools (see related links).

Why HTML is not a case sensitive?

HTML was designed to allow for any variation of case in the tags. However, new HTML 5 and CSS rules require your HTML tags to be in lower case. For example &lt;P&gt;&lt;/P&gt; would be acceptable in HTML 4, but &lt;p&gt;&lt;/p&gt; would be required under the HTML 5 standards.

What is the use of HTML tags in HTML document?

Most HTML tags have opening and closing tags. For example, if you wanted to display SOMETHING in bold, you would use the following HTML tags: SOMETHING.

How do you write a web proxy using HTML?

HTML is, as it name says, a language for markup, not script or programming. This means it is simply not possible to write a web proxy in HTML.

Why use HTML codes?

You use HTML codes to tell the browser how to display your content. For example, if you want to display THIS in bold, you would send the following HTML code to the browser: THIS .

What are HTML entities?

In HTML, an entity is a code that creates a character, such as a letter, number, or special symbol. One example would be "&amp;", which creates an & symbol.

What is HTML View?

The view of the website in form of HTML is HTML view. It is the basic code you write in text editor.

What is the Expansion of HTML?

HTML- HyperTextMarkup Language..... HTML is used for creating web pages for example...

How do you create an HTML file?

We write HTML coding in notepad and save it with .html extension. It will automatically open with internet explorer

What is the fundamental unit of HTML syntax?

the &lt;&gt; brackets, for example to begin an HTML document you begin with the tag &lt;html&gt;

How do you write HTML Code?

You write in HTML by using a variety of codes such as &lt;HTML&gt;&lt;B&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;UL&gt;&lt;Color&gt; ect, to tell the internet browser what to display, HTML coding is a way of getting the browser to display what you want it to, and where you want it to be placed.

How do you write HTML and CSS?

Check other answers on WikiAnswers to find out how to code, and write, in HTML and CSS. HTML - [ ] CSS - [ ]

How do you write a program in HTML?

You don't. HTML is a markup language. It doesn't possess the logic available to produce a program. That said, you can write an HTML document using any basic text editor.

What is the frame in HTML write the program of frame?

what is the frame in the html? write the program of frame?

Is it compulsory to write HTML tag in HTML file?

Yes. It tells the browser that it is a html page. A page should start and finish with a pair of html tags.

How do you write H2O in HTML code?

If you are referring to the index 2 in H2O, this is done by using &lt;sub&gt; tags. Your HTML code would then be: H&lt;sub&gt;2&lt;/sub&gt;O

What character is used to indicate an end tag in HTML?

The front slash. For example, the &lt;html&gt; tag would start a page and the &lt;/html&gt; tag ends one. So it is the front slash that indicates it is the end tag.

How do write psi in HTML code?

If you write &amp;#936; or &amp;Psi; you should get it.

What do you write HTML on?

To code HTML, you'll need a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++. You can write your HTML code in there and save the pages as "something.html". Make sure you have the ".html" extension. If you double click the file you have made, it will open up a web browser and you'll see what your HTML has done.