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Human Nerve Cells?


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Yes, they do exist.


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Human cells also include human nerve cell. The connections are from the nerve cell to the other cells by way of extensions called dendrites.

There are upward of 100 billion nerve cells in the human brain. 200,000,000,000 brain Cells.

Human nerve cells are eukaryotic cells, just like every other human cell.

Nerve Cells are the longest cells in human body.

nerve cells brings oxgygen to the body

Its the one in your bum. The axons are the longest nerve cells where as the longest nerve is the sciatic nerve.

muscles and nerve cells

All muscle cells and nerve cells use an action potential and also obey the all-or-none law

By definition, all human cells are animal cells. Different cells look different from others, no matter the organism. A human nerve looks almost identical to a nerve from a chimp, but a human nerve looks nothing like a cell from a chimp's muscles.

Are permanently in a state of nondivision.

The only human cells who don't regenerate are nerve cells.

Nerve cells and cells in the endocrine system.

The slowest dividing cells in the human body are the nerve cells. Nerve cells generate and conduct electrical impulses, allowing communication between the central nervous system and the rest of the body.

There all nerves in the human body

There are about 200 of them including the blood cells, bone cells, fat cells and nerve cells

muscle cells bone cells nerve cells and something else

Yep. Every part of the human body is living. Your hair, nails, cells, etc.

Nerve cells live the longest

nerve cells and muscle cells Somatic cells are the body cells excluding the reproductive cells

Humans have 46 chromosomes in their nerve cells, unless they have a chromosomal disorder. With the exception of the reproductive cells, which only carry half the chromosomal DNA, all human cells have the same amount of chromosomes.

the longest living cells in the body are nerve cells which can live an entire lifetime.

first of all they are cells second, it is in the human body third they have organnelles

billions. The exact number cannot be known. We can estimate that because the nervous system makes up about 5% of the human body, and the human body contains anywhere from 10 - 100 trillion cells, that about 0.5 - 5 trillion are nerve cells.

They Are A Special Group Of Nerve Cells. Nerve Signals From The Brain Control The Pacemaker, Making It Go Faster Or Slower When Required. Specialist cells in the heart which have autorhythmicity.

All the cells in the human body, including the nerve cells, have 46 chromosomes (23 pairs) (except the sperms and egg cells, which have 23 chromosomes each).

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